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Apr 15

The Sun Was Still Shining

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I just found this. I don’t remember when I wrote it. Obviously back when I had a typewriter. It’s not a bad poem; actually I think it’s pretty good. Maybe I missed my calling.

Dec 09

William and Kate

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To all you folks who love, admire, ass kiss William and Kate. Move to the UK where you can get a job and send your money to them to support their do nothing lifestyle.

Nov 01

The New World…and welcome to it!

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Oct 07

The Tale of the twice stolen eBike

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Another Positive/Negative Update on 11 Oct 2014

The Positive: Just received payment from AAA Insurance. The Negative: Fujie again called Chase INK Insurance and heard the same BS again except this time from a woman parrot. Boy, oh boy! They have them robotic parrots well trained.

A Positive Update on 8 Oct 2014 at 4:30pm

Fujie just got a call from AAA Insurance. They have approved their part of the claim and will pay all but the Deductible which Chase INK Insurance refuses to pay because “it’s wasn’t a theft; it was a gift”. As soon as we get the check (if we get the check) from AAA Insurance we are going to try and make life interesting for Chase STINK, err INK, Insurance Company.

An eBike rides Away…

Because we bought an extra eBike, we decided to put the one we weren’t riding on Craigslist and sell it. A couple of days later a guy calls, says he interested and could he see, and ride, the bike. Yep. No problem.

1st clue that something is not right: The guy shows up on our doorstep on foot. “Where’s your car?” “Oh, my wife had to run some errands and she’ll be right back.” “Ok. Sounds reasonable.” If you’re an idiot that is.

He checks the bike out, asks some questions, seems to be knowledgeable about electric assist bikes. He even notices that the handlebars are a bit off, so I fixed that. Asks if he can ride it. “Sure”, I say, “I just need a Driver’s License.” Clue # 2: “Sorry, don’t have one, but I have my Credit Card.” “Ok. That’s good.” I took the card but didn’t look at it. It had a hole punched in it which means it has been cancelled. Duh!

After we explained how the gears worked, etc, he got on the bike. “Hold on you need a helmet”, I said, and gave him my helmet. He rode around the cul-de-sac for 3 or 4 minutes and then zipped out the end and turned right never to be seen, by us, again.

“What the Hell?,” we both shouted, “We’ve just been ripped off.”

After the initial shock wore off we both got in separate cars and started looking. After 30 minutes of driving we gave up. Fujie then called the Sheriff’s office, a Sheriff showed up and took the report. He said that since the eBike was worth more than $950 this was Grand Theft which is a Felony. Later in the afternoon, Fujie talked to Stephanie who said that since this was a Credit Card purchase it was probably covered. Checked with Chase INK Insurance and they said: “Yes…since the purchase was less than 120 days ago, it was covered. Just submit the required paperwork and Police report. Which we did by email.

Wow! Unexpected, but quite a relief.

2 weeks pass and then…

Fujie got an email from the Chase INK Insurance Company (Card Benefit Services) that stated:

Although the Purchase Security Program does cover many types of theft and damage, there are certain types that are not covered. The plan excludes your type.

“What does that mean? Could it be any vaguer and say any less?”, we asked each other. Fujie then called the Insurance Company and got a Nameless Guy who stated that:

The claim was denied because you let that person ride the bike which means you voluntarily gave him the bike.

After a bit of shocked silence, Fujie told NG that the Police report said this was Grand Theft; a Felony. “Nope”, said NG, “the Sheriff was wrong. You gave him the bike and if it ever goes to trial we will be sending a representative to the trial to testify in the defendants behalf.”*

“What the Hell?,” we both shouted, “We’ve just been ripped off.”


If I was thinking of becoming a bicycle thief, or any other type of thief, I would now rethink the plan. Much better to start an Insurance Company and steal from folks legally. Plus…you would get the money up front without having to actually deal with anyone.

By the way, based on NG‘s Corporate logic, if someone knocked on your door and your wife opened the door and he raped her, it would be consensual sex because she opened the door.

* Maybe NG didn’t actually say the part about the Sheriff and a representative being sent to the trial; maybe I heard that from above; or was it below? Or, did it just seem like the next illogical step in the process?

Oct 01

The BIG Fresno Fair

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Somehow…I don’t think I need to write/say anything.

Sep 07


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I’m thinking of starting a KickStarter campaign to get Obama a spine. Here’s how it may read:

Get a Spine for President Obama

Obama lacks a spine. He can’t make a decision on anything. It’s not about which side, it’s about decisions. I don’t care what side he takes on an issue, it would just be great if he could manage to take a side.

I have checked and it seems that it costs about $20,000 per vertebra and there are 33 vertebra in the normal spine. Since we are not actually dealing with normal in this case, the amount needed could be much, much more.

If the goal is met, and Obama refuses to get a spine, your donation will not be refunded but will be passed onto the Wounded Warrior project. I will NOT keep one cent!

Fighting terrorism is like being a goalkeeper. You can make a hundred brilliant saves but the only shot that people remember is the one that gets past you.- Paul Wilkinson




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