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Jun 06

Ears Up!

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TiVo’s ears are up! He is now officially a “real” Boston Terrier.


Jun 06

Snoopy’s VISA Moment

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Allright, I realize it’s supposed to be a MasterCard moment, but we don’t have one.

Prelude: When we first got Snoopy we took him to the vet for a checkup and were informed he has a heart murmur. The recommendation was that he see a cardiologist but we never followed up.

Last week he started coughing a deep, wet cough that sounded like a 60 year old cigarette smoker who drinks too much vodka. This went on for a couple of days and, since Tivo had to go to the vet for more puppy shots, Fujie decided it would be best to get Snoopy checked out.

Cost for initial exams and medicines: $300. Snoopy’s lungs are full of fluid and they think his heart may be failing. But they are not sure, because we never took him to the cardiologist. See what happens when you put things off?

Back the next day for xrays: $250. They recommend that we get Snoopy to the cardiologist as soon as possible because they didn’t know how to treat him.

Fujie drove to Davis CA on Friday (a 400 mile round trip), so Snoopy could visit with the cardiologist on the UC Davis campus, and get “official” results: $250+, plus gas and food. We don’t know the final amount yet and can hardly wait.

Result: Snoopy has a heart murmur. Snoopy’s congested lungs have/had nothing to do with his heart murmur. But, since he has a heart murmur, he could “die at any time;” much like the rest of us.

He is now fine and his lungs are clear. Cost: Priceless. Savings account: emptier.

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