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May 17

Black Lab

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Ok. It’s new, favorite band time. This is Black Lab’s This Night which was used as the promo for The Shield – Season 6:

It’s a great song and stands on its own. Get the CD, Passion Leaves a Trace from either iTunes or amazon.com

Oct 11

Roger Waters . Shoreline . October 10, 2006

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After the Leon Russell concert bust letdown, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Roger Waters. Another old worn out rocker flogging past glory, while missing the beat perhaps?

I was, thankfully, wrong. This was a great concert that, as my brother Kenneth pointed out, was made better by the fact that we were neither drunk nor stoned. Which I suppose is good. At least I felt better this morning; though there is nothing quite like that nagging, gnawing, hangover to carry you through the drive home.

Anyway, the concert finally started around 8:30. It was supposed to start promptly at 8 pm but beer sales come first I guess. There was, thank god, no opening act to not care about. After a filmed montage that went on a little too long, the band hit the stage.

They played music from various albums/CD’s; most I recognized; some I didn’t. The set list is below with the albums they came from.

This is really a first class band in top musical form. If there were any missteps, I didn’t notice them.

The second half of the show consisted of playing the entire Dark Side of the Moon. Absolutely stunning; I have never heard it played this well, or clearly.

Then there was a three five song encore. The concert was over a little after 11 which was almost too soon; I’m sure we could still be listening if we had the choice; well, probably not but it sounds like a good idea.

I will try to edit this later. I have left out the pig, who escaped, and the touching song about a 17 year old Roger Waters’ experiences in Lebanon. Update: You can view the video Leaving Beirut on YouTube.

Set List (copied, ripped, stolen from another website)

In the Flesh – The Wall
Mother – The Wall
Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun – A Saucerful of Secrets
Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Wish You Were Here
Have A Cigar – Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here – Wish You Were Here
Southampton Dock – The Final Cut
The Fletcher Memorial Home – The Final Cut
Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2 – Amused to Death
Leaving Beirut – Digital Download (YouTube video)
Sheep – Animals

Dark Side of the Moon

The Happiest Days Of Our Lives – The Wall
Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2) – The Wall
Vera – The Wall
Bring the Boys back Home – The Wall
Comfortably Numb – The Wall

Could someone please explain to me what?s up with the fucking idiots that pay $100 plus for a ticket and then want to talk all through the show? What the hell is going on? Are people really that rude, or just clueless? Fujie finally turned around in her seat and told some woman “to shut up!” Which, fortunately didn?t get her, or us, killed and was very entertaining; and the woman did shut up.

Sep 15

3 Great Albums from an underated group

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So, I am sitting here at work, working and listening to Alabama 3, or A3, as they are known, or not known, in the US; a great group that only a few of us seem to know about.

Their most famous song, “Woke Up This Morning”, is the opening theme for the Soprano’s. That is the song I started with when I tracked them down 3 or 4 years ago. Though it is a great song, it is not any better than many others from their 3 main albums:

Exile On Cold Harbour Lane which includes “Woke Up This Morning”.

La Peste which includes a really nice, and spooky, version of “Hotel California”.

Power in the Blood

I will post some sample .mp3’s later. In the meantime you can visit their website at www.alabama3.co.uk/ and get the latest news.

Aug 04

The Dixie Chicks, Paul Simon, George Thorogood & the Destroyers

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Three great albums in the same week. Who would have thought it possible?

Taking the Long Way is The Dixie Chicks great, new CD. After getting beat up by the “Bushies,” they took some time off and now they are back; and unrepentant. Though neglected, or rejected, by country radio, the album is number one is sales.

Paul Simon’s Surprise is another very good album. What the hell, you either like him or don’t. Go buy it; listen for yourself.

George Thorogood & the Destroyers’ The Hard Stuff is worth it for the title alone. The first song is the best and the rest of them are better than most of the crap out there.

Dec 08

In the spirit of Christmas…

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we have for you the latest Christmas classic. Just turn those speakers up and take a listen.

Don’t want to; then you will never have the old christmas joy, and you may not get a toy.

May 19

More “Bob” damn music reviews

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U2 – How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Here we go again, as RR used to say. Another bad album from another has been group. If you didn’t know, you would never believe that this is the same group that gave us War, and The Joshua Tree; both great albums.

Now they sound like that crap you hear playing overhead in your office all day. They have nothing to say; but they keep saying it.

Grade: D

Wilco – A Ghost Is Born
I’m not sure what to say about this album. I can’t even figure out if it is worth listening to. I think maybe they spent way too much time locked in a closet and got way too self indulgent. Track 11 went on for about 12 hours and I could not listen all the way through. The best I can say right now is that this is a very strange album.

Maybe I will listen to it again in a few weeks.

Grade: A? F? Who can tell?

System of a Down – Toxicity and Mezmerize
If you like you music loud, and your vocals screaming, as I do, these albums are for you. This is just flat out, no holds barred, rock and roll.

Noisy, screaming, annoying;quiet, lyrical, and, ah, I can’t think of a word that fits…

Grade: A+

One of those TV, polyester wearing, cock sucking (well that might be extreme, NOT!), hands in your wife’s cookies, preacher’s said that instead of saying “God Damn” we should substitute our own/my name; so I am, I will: bob damn; bob damn you, bob damn it! Gee… I sort of like the sound.

I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean. - G. K. Chesterton




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