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Nov 19


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Cranberries are traditionally eaten during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, many people seem to be confused concerning “real” and “fake” cranberries so this is an attempt to solve the problem.

Cranberries have a very distinct shape. They are a solid mass about 2″ in diameter by 5″ long with several ridges around the diameter. You slice the cranberry with a knife into 10 to 20 pieces.

That stuff that looks like a berry is fake and is an attempt by dark forces to ruin the holidays. Visit this obviously fake website to read the false information that is being distributed about cranberries.

Just remember; if it doesn’t come in a can, it’s not real.

Nov 17

Award Shows

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Academy Awards
Golden Globe Awards
American Music Awards
S.A.G. Awards <-- what the hell is this for? Old people? Fat people? Shar pei's? MTV Music Awards The Emmys The Grammys Country Music Awards People's Choice Awards Instead of having so damn many award shows, why don't the networks have one big award show and give each nominee, and every one in the audience, a mirror and a tube of K-Y Jelly?

Nov 12

Veteran’s Day at Home Depot

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This Veteran’s Day Home Dept had a 10% off sale for Vets.

Since I am a “peacetime” Vet, I have no proof of service, except for one thing.

So, I rolled up my sleeve,
and got the discount.

I knew there was a reason for that damn tatoo.

Nov 05

July 5th 1957

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I was young and a Marine and this is what I was doing that morning.

U.S. Department of Energy photograph

Atomic bomb test XX-03 HOOD was “conducted at the Nevada Test Site on July 5, 1957.” It was a “74 kiloton device exploded from a balloon.” We were told that it was 4 times larger than the bomb detonated at Hiroshima. And, as I have just learned from Michael Light’s book 100 Suns, it was not only the largest bomb ever detonated on American soil; it was the first hydrogen bomb. The government lied about this fact until 1974. No wonder some of us glow in the dark. This is like winning the Devil’s LOTTO.

We were in trenches away from the blast. The wind blew sand past us, then sucked it back, the desert rumbled, and, you will never, I hope, see light this bright. If you do, you will be dead shortly so you might as well enjoy the spectacle.

If you want to see more photos on line visit DOE Nevada. If you want a comtemporary view of this subject you might want to purchase a copy of 100 Suns. If you would like to read how the Marine Corp reported the “shot”, click here. Note: [01-12-07] This .PDF is too damn large to open, so I will work on fixing that.

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