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Dec 31

Have a real…

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Dec 31

‘Downer’ animals banned for slaughter

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San Francisco Chronicle – 12.31.03 The Bush administration took sweeping action Tuesday to rebuild public confidence in the nation’s beef supply by banning the use of meat from all sick or lame animals – including so-called “downer” animals…

Wonderful! My question is not why they acted, but why this meat was ever allowed in the food supply to begin with. We are being charged premium prices for beef, and yet the government allowed sick, or dying, animals to be slaughtered, packaged, and eaten.

Do cattle ranchers need the money so badly that they are willing to let us all get sick and die? Now they are whining about the “effects.” Maybe a little self policing would have been in order. Just because they could dump dying animals into the food chain doesn’t mean they should have. I wonder how much they were paid for these “downer” animals? Somehow, I don’t think it was worth whatever it was.

Don’t get me wrong, I love meat; I had a prime rib for Christmas dinner. And, a Double Burger with cheese from Colorado burger yesterday.

And… here’s more good news. Even though feed containing animal parts cannot be fed to cattle, it can be fed to chickens. You see, there’s no proof that mad cow disease can spread to chickens. So, until you start flopping around on the floor after eating a chicken sandwich, you’re safe. Umm, good!

Dec 30

December is the quietest month…

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I obviously had nothing to say so far this month.

I’ll try to keep it that way!

Happy New Year.

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