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Mar 31

A Fractional Life – March 31th 2004

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This is the last day of the month; and the last of this journal. I may continue it; I’m not sure. I am sure that anyone reading it will find it trivial and boring, but it is a record of sorts and interesting to me.

Started the day by signing up for a Traffic School course. This is because I got a speeding ticket on Thanksgiving and they finally managed to get the information to me yesterday. Actually, I had to go get the information, the course list, because the court system could not manage to send it to me.

Lots of reading in the course; I have finished 3 of the 7 sections so far this morning.

As a side note and a positive note, please take a look at the Save Stevie and Angel website. They are 2 kittens who haven’t gotten a break and need your help. I guess I am a sap for this stuff, but it’s not a scam. Help them out if you can. I am, of course, acting as if someone else other than me is actually reading this stuff. I am not that delusional; I know everyone is reading this stuff.

Finished the remainder of the Traffic School course and passed the Final Test; or is it, a final test. Failed it the first time and, as they only give you three chances, I was a little more careful the second time. That was, all in all, an exciting 45 minutes. Now I wait for the official certificate so that I can get the damn ticket off my otherwise spotless record.

Mar 30

A Fractional Life – March 30th 2004

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Sunny, warm and I forgot both my cellphone and notebook this morning. Great start to the day.

Mar 29

A Fractional Life – March 29th 2004

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The end is near! Of the month, I mean. Or, maybe the end is near!

The ISP has been down all morning so I am late getting this daily ramble started. I really don’t have anything to say, which means that, in my case, who cares if they are down.

Things I hate, part 1:

Leaf blowers. Noisy, smelly, messy, without merit or purpose. Ban the bastards. Buy a rake and do it right. Every Monday morning the “gardeners” blow leaves and other crap all over my car, and everyone else’s car in the parking lot. There ought to be a law. Maybe our lazy ass governor can get someone to start another petition.

Local politicians. Their job seems to consist of public masterbation. They don’t get anything right; they don’t care about the city; they don’t care about the people. But they do care about themselves. Have you ever met a poor politician? The animal does not exist.

Why do I mention local politicians? Read today’s Fresno Bee article on the scam to steal property to give to some unknown group of thieves. The baseball stadium is a gigantic failure and that put an end to downtown development for at least 10 to 20 more years. The idea here is to get the land cheaply, pay no taxes, tear down everything on the land, and let it sit until it’s worth billions and then sell it at a hugh profit. There won’t be any shopping centers, there won’t be any high rise apartments, there won’t be any houses, there won’t be anything because no one wants to go to the downtown area. It’s not safe, there’s nothing to do, and there are parking meters ready to screw anyone who makes the mistake of going downtown.

end rant…

I have come to a decision about the puppies name. He will be called Roley from this time forth. I realize that Stephanie’s cat is named Roley, but he lives in Barcelona so he shouldn’t mind, or respond when called.

Stephanie moved her websites because the ISP was unreliable. I moved mine for the same reason. One week after moving, the new ISP is down for a day. Time to move again, I think.

Mar 28

A Fractional Life – March 28th 2004

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Getting close to the end of the month. That should be good, right. More later; if there is any more.

Comcast showed up to install a HDTV receiver but, since they only do the basic install, which means I would have to hook up TiVo and Home Theatre after he was finished, I cancelled and stayed with DirecTV. Too much remodeling being done to get sidetracked by recabling.

A very wierd thing happened at the start of Cold Case this evening. One story started, and then immediately switched to a rerun, then a few minutes later back to the new story. CBS, the censor channel, strikes again.

And that was pretty much it for today.

Mar 27

A Fractional Life – March 27th 2004

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We visited Snoopy the Boston Terrier pup, and his family, today. He is now 5 weeks old and this is a picture Fujie took.
He does not have fingers; those are mine.

All in all, a pleasant trip to Modesto with a minimum of confusion.

Got home, did some work but not much. Graham and Valarie came over and he “fixed” the stutter on DirecTV. I’m not sure how long that will last.

Went to dinner. Watched no TV. Went to bed and read a book.

Other that meeting Snoopy and his family this was a really boring day.

Mar 26

Life in the Cult – March 26th 2004

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It’s Friday for those of you without a calendar, or who live in a cave. It rained last night so today I can see the mountains. This won’t last long; by tomorrow the air will be thick again.

So far I have paid some bills and drawn plans for new windows in the house. Now to work; or maybe the bathroom.

Went to pick up the new bathroom window after work but it did not have the correct flange, so we left it for further enhancements.

That pretty much ended the day’s activities.

Tomorrow we go to visit Snoopy who is now 5 weeks old, or new; whatever.

Prefer loss to the wealth of dishonest gain; the former vexes you for a time; the latter will bring you lasting remorse. - Chilo




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