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Apr 19

TiVo has arrived!

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Snoopy/Roley, the Boston Terrier pup, has been officially named TiVo. This is our final name selection. And, if his name sounds as though it is stolen; it is. If you don’t know what a Tivo is, try looking here.

He arrived in Fresno on Saturday. We picked him up in Modesto and drove him to his new home. He is a happy, smart little guy who the cats are confused by. So he is ignoring them and they are tolerating him. The cats resemble the gargoyles at Notre Dame; hovering silently over the puppy and staring wide eyed at him. Very intimidating. And, of course, Jimmer has to hiss occasionally.

I will post a picture of TiVo, who is now 8 weeks old, in the next couple of days.

Today he goes to the vet and gets his shots and a microchip.

I have a damn cold for the first time in 10 years. It is a real knock down, drag out cold and I have no idea where it came from and no one else has it. The bastard cold snuck up on me and knocked me on my ass.

Apr 07

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any wierder…

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This article really doesn’t call for any comment. Remove the sex, the violence, and the “obscene language,” and most movies will be about 10 minutes long. Deadwood should run about a minute and a half.

I haven’t had such a good laugh in days.

Apr 05

The next best thing…

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We didn’t get to join Stephanie at El Bulli on Friday night, but she did get me the next best thing which is as close as we will probably ever get.
And, the damn book costs as much as the meal, but less than plane tickets.

Apr 05

The Narrow Vision – April 5th 2004

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Went to Home Depot yesterday for more parts. Petition signature collectors are hovering in the doorways. One had four petitions: Reform Worker’s Comp, Tax Indian Gaming, DNA Testing for Felons, and End Frivolous Lawsuits.

Here’s how you Reform Worker’s Comp. When you need it, don’t use it. Suffer in silence and don’t report your injury. We will all be happier and Worker’s Comp will be reformed.

Don’t go to the Casinos. Then the Indians won’t need to be taxed, they won’t have any money to tax. Problem solved.

DNA Testing for Felons. I don’t really have anything against this one, except that it does nothing to prevent crime. It’s an after the fact remedy, and it just allows the police to do even less investigation than the little they do now. Our shop was broken into, stuff was stolen, the police wouldn’t come out, so the DNA all over the place was not going to be tested anyway.

The way to End Frivolous Lawsuits is when your mother or brother or cousin or whatever is killed by terrorists, don’t sue the government for $10,000,000 claiming it should have known what was happening. And, your Frivolous Lawsut is my way of getting back at the bastards who ruined my life, or my business, or my lawn, or whatever. When a jury decides that some guy who has smoked 4 packs a day for 40 years and didn’t know it was unhealthy should not be paid for his stupidiy, frivolous lawsuits will end.

Better yet, just start a petition to do away with the 1st Amendment. Just don’t screw with the 2nd Amendment. We’re definitely going to need those guns when are the other rights are gone.

Apr 04

The Narrow Vision – April 3rd 2004

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Worked on the rental all day. Removed the oven, the cooktop, the rangehood, and the dishwasher. All destroyed by the previous tenants. We also had to open one wall in a bathroom because of a leak. Then we found that the entire floor had been flooded and was wet, and rotten, and we had to remove the sub flooring.

This is all very entertaining is a bizarre sort of way. The human condition is; is what? I am at a loss.

A couple of Guiness Draughts and the world looks better.

Apr 02

The Narrow Vision – April 2nd 2004

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This day is starting out crappy. My notebook won’t boot and the system admin here at work, being a dick, won’t loan me a Windows XP disk so that I can do a rebuild. I guess this is what happens when you have a small brain and the illusion of power.

Finally got a new copy of Windows XP on my notebook and burned all my valuable files to CD. Now reformatting and starting over. The notebook seems to need that about once a year. This time I am skipping the Toshiba recovery disks that put a lot of stuff on the drive that I don’t want or use. Maybe that will help; maybe not.

Went to Kitchen and Bath and picked up more bathroom parts. The rest are supposed to be here next week. Not that it matters, we are side-tracked with the rental now. The tenants moved and left the carpet destroyed and much other damage. People are pigs. It is unbelievable that they can live in squaler and never notice, or don’t care.

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