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Jun 29

Mars Drive In Restaurant

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Menu: Hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries, milk shakes, etc.

Location: Shaw and West in Fresno.

Atmosphere: Retro 50’s, sort of.

Service: Very good but with some minor confusion. Yesterday evening I ordered a medium drink and a cup for water and got a large and medium drink. I think some of this has to do with the fact that the music, mostly 50’s, is played way too damn loud. And I’m half deaf; so how bad is it really? I have no clue.

Food: The hamburgers are excellent. A++

The hotdog tasted good but looked like it was stepped on; it was very unattractively packaged in a smashed bun, and, I think, overpriced. B for flavor. F for looks. D for price.

The french fries are a crap shoot as they haven’t figured out how to cook them yet. Anywhere from B to F. Also, we found out last night that large french fries are now medium french fries at the large french fry price. This change happened because some people didn’t eat all their french fries. (Bad boy! Go to your room!) This is, to me, not a good sign; once you start cutting corners pretty soon there aren’t any corners left to cut. Besides, people notice this stuff and expect to get what they paid for even if they don’t eat it all.

Overall grade: C.

Recomendation: I highly recommend the hamburgers.

We have been eating there at least once a week since they opened. However, because of the poor hotdog and french fry “down sizing,” we will not be going back for a while.

Jun 28

Here he goes again!

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Costco has this annoying habit of moving things to new locations in their buildings. This is, I think, supposed to get you to look at new items; 200 pounds of canned tuna, or baked beans, for example.

Here’s how it really works for me. I am so pissed off about the time I have to spend looking for “old” items, that I am in no mood to look for new items. I just want to find the goddamned crap I came for and get out of there.

And what’s with the f@@king people who never bathe? Is it a religious thing? If it is, they can visit Bathe with Jesus for help.

If religion isn’t the excuse for being digustingly smelly, what is it? Don’t they have soap? Don’t they have water? Don’t they have a nose?

They should be banned from public spaces, put to sleep, burned, and buried in the desert.

And, speaking, or is it writing, of banning stuff. Censors never learn do they? Everytime you try to ban something, more people want it; except, I think, stinking people. Michael Moore has probably made an extra 10 million thanks to the “we want less government control while reserving the right to look in your bedroom window” crowd.

The US vice-president, Dick Cheney, greeted a senator the other day by saying: “Go fuck yourself!” I am assuming that this is a new form of salutation, and that it will soon be heard across the land. If it’s good enough for the vp, it ought to be good enough for us. And our ministers, and priests, and rabbis. And our wives and our children. And our dogs and cats and geckos.

Like the vp, I feel better already.

Jun 21

From the bottom of the deck…

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Since Rush Limbaugh is getting a divorce do all his little “ditto heads” have to get one?

Have you noticed that if you are not a mormon, mormons look at you like you are something to be scraped from the bottom of their shoe?

Ban leaf blowers. They are noisy, smelly, and just blow your neighbor’s leaves over to your house. What the hell ever happened to the rake?

Is it true that since the beginning of WWII, every one who died in combat did so, so we can “go shopping”?

Screaming children. What could be worse? It is amazing to me how this can go on when the parents are sitting right next to them when the little darlings let go. And just as many boys as girls scream. Stuff a sock in their cute little mouths. Oh, yeah, it’s all about the children.

If someone tells you they are “a good christian,” treat this like someone yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theatre, and run screaming for the nearest exit.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to.

More, or less, later…

Jun 16

June 16th 1904

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One hundred years ago today, Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom walked the streets of Dublin in James Joyce’s wonderful novel, Ulysses.
If you haven’t read it you should.

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, you might want to read the condensed version: Ulysses for Dummies. (For an example of litigious stupidity, be sure to read the hilarious, and well written, declaimer that accompanys the article.)

Want more? A slightly less condensed synopsis, with reader comments, is available from the BBC Entertainment website: Cheat’s guide to Joyce’s Ulysses.

Also, an in depth examination of the novel is available on The Ulysses site.

Happy Bloomsday!

Jun 15

A Random Read

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The following is excerpted, without permission, from Jon Carroll’s column, Notes from the interstate: Anytown, in the June 15th, 2004 San Francisco Chronicle:

We took our iPod along for the ride. We loaded it with 700 of our favorite songs, we selected the “random” option, and we let fate choose our music…

We also downloaded some non-music [including], because we knew we’d never read it any other way, “The Brothers Karamazov”…

“Isn’t it interesting,” I said to Tracy [his wife], “how experimental this seems for a 19th centry novel? Notice how everyone talks about Dimitri, but we never actually see him.”

It was not until Pennslvania that we realized that that we had neglected to turn off the “random” feature of the iPod, so we were getting chapters in arbitrary order, the plot entirely in the mischievous hands of fate.

We loved the part at the beginning, where everybody died.

Jun 06

Ears Up!

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TiVo’s ears are up! He is now officially a “real” Boston Terrier.


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