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Dec 30

A Christmas Vacation

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Our Carnival Princess Christmas cruise began when we left Fresno at around 7:30am on the 24th. We got to Long Beach by 11am. There was NO traffic; not even in LA. It was a f’ing miracle.

We met Stephanie at her hotel in Long Beach and went to lunch at a Spanish resturant in the downtown area. I will add the name later. It was wonderful; and almost worth the drive just for their food. The waiter recommended the wine and it was also wonderful; so wonderful we had two bottles with our meals. WooHoo! So we were pretty happy when we got to the boat around 3:30pm.

Went to our room which had a window and not much else. Had a “few” more drinks as is my usual state after I start drinking.

Dinner at 8:30pm. Needless to say I was a little too vocal. Stephanie calmed me down with a few well placed kicks in the shins.

After dinner we went to bed and the ship sailed. Or the ship sailed and we went to bed. How do I know?

Christmas day morning we ate breakfast and Fujie and I spent an hour walking the ship’s “olympic” track. Getting rid of yesterday’s fun which was today’s poison, you know.

It was a day at sea, so we didn’t do much. Wandered the decks; read; didn’t drink. Dinner again, with the same people, at the same table, at the same time.*

Sunday morning the boat/ship docked in Ensenada and we went into town and had breakfast. By the way, they charge you $2.00 to ride into town. It’s a 5 minute walk, so unless you are a big American fatass, and there were plenty of those on the ship, walk. Stephanie, who lives in Barcelona where people are “normally” sized, was amazed at how fat way too many Americans are. It’s suprising that some of them can fit through a door, or sit in a seat, or even breath.

We decided to go to the flea market and blow hole, and got a ride with “the taxi driver from hell.” Both Fujie and Stephanie had seat belts that worked; mine didn’t. But it wouldn’t have mattered. If the taxi had crashed no one would have lived. A seat belt would just have prolonged the agony.

This whole trip took us through great poverty which was, ignoring the insane driving, depressing. And, when we arrived, and started breathing normally or breathing period, it was not worth it. Stalls full of junk; people trying to sell us the junk. We ate a taco and left. We did not see the blow hole; nor do we care that we did not see the blow hole; f@@k the blow hole. The driver got us back to town alive. I’m sure that was a great disappointment to him; but so be it.

Took a nap, and then walked back into town. Stephanie bought a painting that, on closer examination, was originally from Barcelona and will be going home to Barcelona. Hmm! Fujie bought some jewelry and I bought a print from a very nice shop on the main street. We had lunch at the same restaurant where we had breakfast. Then back to the ship where we had dinner with the same people again, etc.

Eating seems to be the main point of this trip. We ate plenty; much more than normal. At least 3 people ate way too much as 3 helicopters had to fly to the ship and cart them away. What a Merry Christmas that must have been!

Debarcation started at 8am Monday morning. We were to be called by our luggage tag color which was blue. I figured we would get off the ship around 10:30am so we were just lounging around and hadn’t finished packing. Our color was called; we packed; we rushed; we got off the ship and were out of the terminal by 8:20am and back home by noon. Again, there was NO traffic. Which is impossible! But true!

The trip was fun; the room was alright though it didn’t have a chair so you had to sit on a bed. Oh, well, at least it had a window and you’re not supposed to spend the trip in the room anyway; the service was excellent; the food in the dining room was well presented and was ok.

Would we do it again; yes! With the exception noted below.

* If you ever take a cruise for any length of time past one day, don’t sit at the same dining table more than one night; ask for, actually demand, open seating. Even though the people may be fine, and they were, it gets very old, and boring, listening to the same stories over and over. What the hell do strangers, who are never going to see each other again, have to say to each other? Nothing you won’t hear again on the second and third nights! Or, they could tell you they were married by Sharon Stone, which amounts to the same thing.

Dec 29


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I straightened out the comment counter that the online poker assholes had screwed up. Backed up the entire database and made comments public again.

I hope the bastards don’t attack again; but who knows.

Dec 21

What planet am I living on?

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From yahoo! news:

President Bush heads into his second term amid deep and growing public skepticism about the Iraq war, with a solid majority saying for the first time that the war was a mistake and most people believing that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld should lose his job, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

This is the same war as we had in early November. These are the same people running the same war as we had in early November. We have the same president, with the same people running the same war as we had in early November. What has changed? NOTHING!!

Oh, yeah, and the same, arrogant toad Donald H Rumsfeld was managing? this same war in November. His idea of supporting the troops is to have his robotic arm sign any condolences letters. What a dick! Too busy you see…

So, please, some of you in the “solid majority” explain to me why the war is a mistake today, but was a grand and noble adventure in November?

I think I will go get a drink. Maybe two.

The American people are very generous people and will forgive almost any weakness, with the possible exception of stupidity. - Will Rogers




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