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Feb 17

It’s only rock and roll…

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but I like it!

Green Day won a Grammy (ok, I know, I hate this award shit) for the best fucking rock and roll album in years: American Idiot. Pure, flat out rock and roll.

And, to announce to the waiting world my new favorite band: Incubus. Get their new album A Crow Left of the Murder, or, even better, also get their DVD Incubus: Live at Red Rocks.

Rock and Roll, it lives in spite of Paul McCartney. Tell the old fart to give it a rest; or a least write some new songs.

Bye, bye.

Oh, yeah, lest we forget. The Bobbi Award for worst album of the year goes to Brian Wilson for Smile which made me cry because it’s so damn bad.

By the way, he only won because Neil Diamond didn’t shit out anything new this year.

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