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Mar 28

Easter thought.

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I realize that I’m supposed to be thinking about easter bunnies, hard boiled colored eggs, crosses, sunrise services, rolling rocks, and other spiritual stuff, but…

Could someone please explain to me why every mouse comes with USB as the default connection when every computer has a PS2 mouseport. Which means that every mouse comes with a USB to PS2 adapter so that you can actually use it.

Does this make any sense? What were they thinking? Were they thinking? Are they thinking? I think not.


I guess the Mac plugs its mouse into a USB port. What does this have to do with me? Why not then, have a PS2 to USB adapter for Mac users? Why am I subjected to this extra piece of hardware than can go mysteriously bad at any given time? Or, disconnect just for the hell of it?

Have I spent enough time on this?

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