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Sep 29

I hate reunions!

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My 50 year high school class reunion is on the 8th of October.

It promises to be an evening filled with old people reminiscencing about the awful teenage years, and how wonderful they were. Well, they weren’t wonderful; they pretty much sucked as anyone who has ever been a teenager knows if they actually take the time to think about it.

Why in the hell do I continue to go to these goddamn things? I have no clue. But, I promise, this is the last.

Ah, well, I guess I could sit home and sulk.

Off the subject. I just got an email that contained the following line:

Masr Davy kep from us so kind and thowtful, tis my opinion shed know what he was. I am disposed to think he had made no will.

Would someone please explain what this drivel means? I get these damn, goofy messages everyday. What’s up with that?

Happy halloween. Watch out for the gremlins, and the goblins.

Sep 15

Wake me when September ends!

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I have been quiet lately, because what is there to say about current events. We have a government run by a bunch of incompetent boobs who are more used to sitting on their asses in board rooms discussing bull shit that acutally doing anything.

People starving and dying in New Orleans and the president flies over at 17,000 feet and, when he see the devasation through the plane’s porthole, says “It must be twice as bad on the ground.” Gosh. it may have been three, or four, or twenty, or a thousand, times as bad.

Cheney shops for a house; Condi shops for shoes. The head of Homeland Security, the man actually incharge, and who scapegoated that moron Brown, doesn’t know anything is wrong. His TV is turned to different channels than ours.

Are we safer than before September 11th, 2001? I don’t think so, and if you think so, you should have your head examined, as my father used to say. If there is another terrorist attack, and there will be, the response will resemble a chicken with it’s head cut off. Billions of dollars have been spent; a vast, bloated bureaucracy is in place, and they don’t have a fucking clue.

Look at the resumes of the people in charge. None of them have ever done any real work. The former, thank god, head of FEMA, spent a year, before being fired from that job, looking at a horse’s ass; which must have rubbed off. They are all heads that talk; hands that write memos that are passed on to other bumblers like themselves. In other words, they aren’t in touch with real life. (Bush is surrounded by so many kiss asses, that the only thing he can hear is sucking lips.) I’m sure they still can’t really understand why poor people just didn’t get in their SUV’s and leave New Orleans. The fact that the poor don’t have SUV’s is not something they can comprehend.

And then we had Rita. Which caused all the bureaucrats to pat themselves on the back so hard that they had to be hospitalized while ignoring the fact they screwed that one up too.

In order to make things really resemble Iraq, rebuilding contracts are awarded to Haliburton; and… well, what can you say about that company. Their record speaks for itself .

I, like Green Day, ask that you “Wake me when September ends.”

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