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Nov 29

Intelligent Design

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Isn’t Intelligent Design the thing you do, after drinking too much beer, while pissing in the snow?

Nov 29

California Dreaming: Things you can, and cannot, do in the Golden State

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You can buy a handgun, but you cannot buy Foie Gras.

Nov 11

Find out how really Lost you are!

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Who is your "Lost" alter ego?  created with QuizFarm.com

well… that’s certainly interesting because i had no idea. i’m going to have to find out who wronged me and start my revenge project real soon now. then find out who i really want to be. then i probably ought to give/put back the, ah, um, whatever it is i took. then i will be free, to be me…

Stephanie scored as Shannon. Which means she has a stomach ache.

Don’t understand any of this? Then you really are lost; just not Lost.

Nov 04

Just remember…

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It’s Clinton’s fault. Everything.

Or, so say the poor, bewildered NeoCons who just can’t get on with life. But isn’t that what it’s all about for them? Rushing to embrace the past?

“Why, when I was a boy, in the old days…[you fill in the blanks].”

NeoCon, another word for arrogance, dishonesty, and greed. Use it wisely. And, remember, if you’re not white, male, christian, and rich, you can’t join; you have to wait outside in the sun, or in the rain, and pretend you’re a member; probably a 1b though you could also be a 2 or 3.

Pronunciation: ‘mem-b&r
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English membre, from Old French, from Latin membrum; akin to Gothic mimz flesh, Greek mEros thigh
1 : a body part or organ: as a : LIMB b : PENIS c : a unit of structure in a plant body
2 : one of the individuals composing a group
3 : a person baptized or enrolled in a church
4 : a constituent part of a whole: as a : a syntactic or rhythmic unit of a sentence : CLAUSE b : one of the propositions of a syllogism c : one of the elements of a set or class d : either of the equated elements in a mathematical equation

Nov 02

Ok, here’s the plan…

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Let’s come up with a flu scare so we can take people’s minds, such as they are, off the fact that we are a bunch of ethically, and morally, bankrupt bastards.

That should work. Implement it now. Start with an article in Newsweek: Bird Flu: Is your Thanksgiving turkey safe?

Oh, yeah, and while we’re at it, let’s protect the drug manufacturer’s from lawsuits when they produce a flu vaccine that doesn’t quite work, or causes more harm than good.

Maybe, better yet, we could just vaccinate evangelical Christians, though, since they are in such a rush to sit next to Jesus, they probably wouldn’t want a shot. Wanna bet on that?

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