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Jan 17

Why is it that

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… some Christians, who claim to be filled with Jesus’ love, have so much hate? You don’t believe this? Then you should read some of the Yahoo! news discussions.

… there are laugh tracks on most TV comedies? Are we too stupid to know what’s funny, or do we feel better laughing along with a laugh track that is plugged in by some moron who doesn’t actually find anything funny because he has the crappy job sticking laughter into an unfunny program; which means he, or her, has to sit there and watch the stuff.

… there isn’t a sensor in my TV, or receiver, that can automatically adjust the volume when I switch channels? Is this too much to ask? Why can’t I just set the volume level once?

… Jack’s back? And why was it that the 2 day 4 hour opening episodes, were actually 1 hour and 20 minutes each? Which means, if you don’t have TiVo, a third of the time was spend watching shitty commercials and other mindless FOX drivel, rather than the insanity and mindlessness that is 24.

… I find it hilarious that Southern Baptists after ridding themselves of the goddless, dreaded liberals, are now feeding on each other. I guess the hate just never ends. This is what comes of never finding any pleasure in life; never having a drink; never having sex except through a hole in a sheet; and always wearing polyester, which by the way in a man made fabric that probaly didn’t exist in the Garden. Maybe they should switch to cotton or have an enema to get rid of the plugged up feeling.

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