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Jul 27

The Chaperone

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Should you want more Chelsea Handler go here or here.

Jul 01

Video iPod = amazing…

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I just got a Video iPod from Costco*. (After 3 years of constant use, my 1st iPod died; sob.) It, the new iPod, is absolutely amazing. If you get the right software, CloneDVD mobile from slysoft.com you can take a DVD and make an iPod readable .mp4.

I just finished making a copy of The Cure’s Trilogy (a great concert by the way.**) and put it on the iPod. Watching and listening to it now. It’s almost magic; hell, it is magic. Who would believe that a 2″ screen would be as clear and sharp and viewable as the big old HDTV in the living room. Well it is.

I’m stoked; as we used to say “back in the day”.

Now I can watch porn in bed without disturbing anyone. Ahh, oh, yeah, disturbing someone when watching porn is the point, isn’t it?

*Rather than buy the iPod from Costco, I should have bought it from amazon.com because it is $10 less, no tax, and available in either black or white; also, I wouldn’t have had to pay shipping. Oh, well…

**A few days ago, a co-worker asked me what I was listening to. I said, “The Cure.” He said, “How the hell can you listen to them? They’re the anti-Christ.” I certainly hope so.

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