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Aug 29

Damn! I wish I’d written this…

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The following is excerpted, without permission, from Mick LaSalle’s San Francisco Chronicle column on 27 Aug 2006. The original question asked about people who defend a movie without every having bothered to see it. As you can read, the answer transcended the question and pretty much sums up the state of the nation.


Just remember, “Ignorance is Bush.” Err, I mean “Ignorance is Bliss.”

Aug 24

Too much attention to detail, or is it, de tail?

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I was watching a tv program the other night, Closer, and when the camera panned the blackboard/whiteboard, I noticed that “illegal” was written “illeggl.”

Then at work I was talking to some folks in the hallway and saw that a photo on the wall had a caption with “casual” spelled as “causual.”

A little later I was looking on a website and found that “outsourcing” was written as “out sourcing.” Well, actually it was spelled “outsourcing” on one part of the page and “out sourcing” on another. Which I guess means if you’re in doubt, use both; or something close.

Why am I seeing this stuff? And why do I care?

Aug 24

Everything you know is wrong!

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Pluto is no longer a planet. Which one’s next, Goofy?

Aug 10

You never know what will turn up on Google

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This stuff is from The San Francisco Call Archives:

McCormick, Joseph L. … married in 1886 to Murphy, Mary
McCormick, Joseph L. … married in 1891 to Bevell, Georgie L.

McCormick, Mary W. … died in 1889 … age [unknown]

Joseph L McCormick was my mother’s father; Georgie L was my grandmother. Who was Mary? Was she my grandfather’s first wife? I have no idea. But it’s sort of interesting.

Aug 09

Lieberman. What a putz!

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He loses, and instead of being graceful about it, files as an Independent; which he is not. He should file as a Republican; which he is.

Do us all a favor, and go away.

Aug 07

Even I don’t believe this one!

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Proud parent of Autistic children

I saw that on a car while I was driving home from work today. A bad joke? I have no idea. What’s next?

Proud parent of Serial Killer

Proud parent of feeble minded children

Proud child of drooling parent with Alzheimer’s.

Dad shits himself. Mom’s a potted plant. God bless George W Bush and damn stem cell research to hell!

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