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Oct 25

Dumocrats Unite!

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I wrote this a while back, and even though the Republicans have basically done everything possible to lose the election, I still believe they will win it all next week. The Democrats have managed, with few exceptions, to stand for nothing and believe in even less.

I think what happens is when the pols get to DC, the job and the power and the ass kissing become the focus and if they ever actually stood for anything, they soon don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, the Republicans don’t stand for anything, or believe anything, either. They just lie better and we believe their lying.

Two more years of the Bush Agenda ought to convince even the dumbest among us that the country is in terrible shape and won’t soon get better. It ought to, but it won’t.

Even worse, or maybe not, after the Democrats lose the election, they will cower and whine and lose again in 2008. Someday maybe they will believe in something, and stand for something, but I doubt it.

But, what if I’m wrong? What if the Democrats win? That’s too scary to think about.

Originally posted 12 July 2006:

November 8, 2006

After losing every seat in congress, and following a call from disgraced presidential candidate John Kerry, all dumocratic candidates duct taped themselves together and, at the signal, "Higher minimum wage!", jumped from the top of the Wall Mart Super Store in Washington DC.

At last report, television cameras and paramedics were not on the scene, but a caravan of dump trucks was rumored to be transporting the dying and dead to landfill, or to Mr Wu’s pig farm in South Dakota.

Repukelicants are relieved because they no longer have to pretend to stand for anything and can continue to govern in a manner which brings themselves the most benefit and frees them from the tyranny of the middle and lower classes.

November 7th was immediately declared a "Day of Great Smiling Happiness and Triumph" and made our newest national holiday. DOGSHiT will replace election day which is no longer needed, and which always annoyed the American public anyway since it took precious time away from golf tournaments, NASCAR racing, and other mind numbing events.

Oct 24

Borat – The Movie Trailer

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Oct 17

Sam’s Town . The Killers . 5devons

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While doing my usual search for new music on the iTunes store, I discovered this group, listened a bit, and bought and downloaded the album.

This is one of the best albums I have heard in years. It’s rock the way rock is meant to be. Don’t worry, this isn’t The Cure or Nine Inch Nails (not that there’s anything wrong with them; they to are great, and on my eternal play list); the music is more accessible and mainstream, though I hate using those words because it makes The Killers sound almost trite and corny which they aren’t. They definitely aren’t that twit Justin Timberlake, or Timberriver, or whatever that no talent bastard’s name is.

This is great music. I like it a lot. I even downloaded their first album, The Fuss, which got better reviews but I don’t really find it as good as Sam’s Town; not bad, good in fact, but not as good as this album. I think people don’t like their bands to change; of course, if they don’t change, they don’t much like that either.

Hell… I listened to Sam’s Town four times in a row while working on a cabinet last Friday afternoon. Woohoo! If you even think you like rock, you will love this album. You have my guarantee which is in writing, I think, somewhere. I’m looking and will post it when I find it.

When the music dies; I’m out of here. At least, if I have my say in the matter.

Oct 17

Want a pet?

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Adopt an orphan from a 3rd world country!

It’s the thing to do, and so stylish.

Movie, and rock, stars do it, which means they no longer have to order the gardener to pickup dog shit, or the maid to empty the litter box, or give them water out of a bowl, once they’re tamed.

Plus, they look good on a leash and having them beg your guests in their native language is just darn cute.

If they would only offer orphans on eBay, that you could pay for using PayPal, things would be perfect. Plus a 30 day return option would be good; in case you don’t like the color, or the smell, or they don’t learn to speak English during the trial period.

Oct 17

300 million Americans

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Boy, is that good news. More fat people in big SUV’s talking on cell phones as they drive their fat asses to Wall Mart to buy fast food for their chubby, sugar coated diabetic, Made in America, babies.


Let’s not slow down; let’s shoot for 400 million by the end of the decade.

Ready, set, penetrate…

When I was born, the population was close to 129 million. Hmm, what have folks been doing?

Oct 16

A Prairie Home Companion ***** Stars

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We watched A Prairie Home Companion Friday night. It’s a very nice, fun, intelligent movie that is worth watching more than once. There is so much going on that one viewing won’t do it.

The cast includes Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin, along with Kevin Kline, Woody Harrelson and, of course, Garrison Keillor. It also includes a miscast non-actor, Lindsay Lohan.

From director Robert Altman comes this quirky piece of fiction based on the real-life radio program of the same name, with a wry screenplay penned by the show’s host, Garrison Keillor. Supported by a high-powered cast that includes Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Lindsay Lohan, John C. Reilly, Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Kline, Keillor also stars in this behind-the-scenes look at the mayhem surrounding the folksy program’s final broadcast. — netflix.com

Meryl Streep steals the show. She’s a great actor who can also sing extremely well. She could have been a star as a singer.

The entire cast, with one glaring exception, is excellent.

Lindsay Lohan. She can’t act; she can’t sing. She does a rendition of "Frankie and Johnnie" that is out of tune and just plain awful. I have read that she’s a spoiled brat, but I thought that maybe she could actually act: nope, she can’t. I am unable to understand what she was doing in the movie. You could clip out her part and nothing would be missing; and the movie might would be better for it.

Why do you suppose she was hired? To bring in the younger crowd? Probably, but a waste of money. Only us old farts care about prairies, homes and companions. And, I’m not sure about prairies.

Rent it, or buy it, you’ll like it.

Man is what he believes. - Anton Chekhov




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