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Jan 31

Oh, boy, another dumb Democrat opens his mouth, shit leaks out!

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God almighty, don’t these people ever think? Is their thinking button turned off? It’s hopeless.

However, I am glad to read that Senator Obama is "clean".

Time to bang head against wall…

Jan 24

Whoopee! Kerry won’t run again!

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The only candidate dumber than Bush has said he won’t run again in 2008.

This is really good news, but doesn’t make much sense, because he didn’t actually run in 2004. He just stood around and combed his hair and tried, without much success, to keep his head out of his ass.

Hopefully, we will never here from this idiot again.

Jan 16

Look, mom, a metaphorical dove!

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Last week I ordered a book from amazon.com, Folding Paper Cranes: An Atomic Memoir1, that is supposed to be, partially, about my great adventure with a hydrogen bomb on July 5 1957. After ordering, I read the short excerpt that was available online. I was pretty much with the narrative until I reached the following passage:

"…But as my head rose above the ledge [of the trench we were in], my outstretched hand grasped a soft, spastic form. And as I touched, I saw the bleeding dove, its feathers blasted by our manmade sun…"

Really? This is news to me. It’s some kind of black miracle as I don’t recall ever seeing anything alive out there except us.

No bugs, no flies, no reptiles, no animals, no birds.

We were in a dead zone; not a hunting ground.

I suspect this is poetic license and the metaphor that holds the book together. Which is, I guess Ok. I’m just a bit uncomfortable with the passage. I guess I don’t like mixing fiction with fact, even though, with all the reading I have done in my life, I realize that veracity is one thing and the recalled event another.

If the passage is, in fact, well, uh, a fact; I’m really freaked out. Imagine the odds. Of all the jarheads to drop dead next to, that doomed dove picked the only one who would write about its death by fire, or, for that matter, give a damn. Better that dove than me.

Also, look at the book cover photo and you will see that "our manmade sun" looked more like "our manmade fiery mushroom."

Before making any further judgments, I will wait for the book and, I will read on, but, at this point, I am not comfortable with the telling.2 More later.


Pronunciation: ’mem-"wär, -"wor
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French memoire, from memoire memory, from Latin memoria
1 : an official note or report : MEMORANDUM
2 a : a narrative composed from personal experience
b : AUTOBIOGRAPHY — usually used in plural
3 a : an account of something noteworthy : REPORT
b plural : the record of the proceedings of a learned society

Based on this definition, it seems that a memoir does not have to be strictly true. It is based on the memory of the memoirist, which means that we are reading their memories; their truth.

Or, I suppose, in this blog, my memories; my truth. My truthiness.


2 This footnote is off point, and has nothing to do with this book. It’s more like a flashback.

Once upon a time, when we were living in San Francisco, I got so pissed at a book, the content of the book, that I threw it out my study window; I would have burned it if I could have found some matches, and there wasn’t a chance I might have burned the house down. The book was about Charles Manson and his dirty deeds. I would do the same with O.J’s piece of shit memoir if I had the misfortune to have a copy, which I don’t.

Jan 11

What “New Plan”?

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Sending 20,000 soldiers 21,500 soldiers and marines back to hell is not a "new plan." It’s a bad joke that isn’t funny and won’t work.

But then I don’t much like the Democrats plan either. "We need to tell the Iraq’s we have helped them enough and now it’s their turn."

What the fuck does that mean?

We destroyed their country by turning it in a huge pile of rubble; we killed their people; we allowed their treasures to be looted; we cut off their power and water. Yep, we’ve helped them enough. Time for them to stand up and be counted; if there is anyone left to actually stand up, or be counted.

It’s the "new way forward."

How much longer is it going to be before we realize we have lost the war because it was run on the cheap without any real planning or enough troops or any idea what we were getting into. We are not safer; the world is not safer. It is only a matter of time before we get another bloody surprise.

After Vietnam, we were told that the Generals should run the wars, and the politicians should stay out of their way. I don’t much believe this idea, but it’s even worse now that the Generals have become politicians. Have any of them ever been to Iraq, except to visit?

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