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Feb 20

10 years too late!

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And, why exactly, has it taken until "last month" to figure this out? This technology should have been released 10 years ago.

Anyway, where do I sign up to get whatever it is that does this?

Feb 09

It’s time to tell the truth!

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I have to admit it, I am the father of Anna Nicole’s baby.

I’m sure a DNA test will prove this even though I never met, or slept, with her; Anna Nicole, that is. Ok, I never met the baby either, but I think that’s a plot given that I’m the father and evil, selfish people are trying to deny my claim.

As painful as has been to admit, I must think of the child, especially since she is worth a billion, or so.

Come home to papa!

Papa wants a big house, and a new car, servants, and lots of other stuff.

I’ll be good to baby whatever her name is; she can pick her own Nanny and live anywhere she wants, as long as it’s not with me.

Feb 05

The “not so” Super Bowl

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Well, first off, let me say that spending 4 hours with Phil Simms if enough to make you suicidal.

He is an idiot.

He should run for political office as he has all the qualifications: 1) The ability to talk endlessly about things he knows little, to nothing, about. 2) The ability to change his opinion in the middle of a sentence, or, at least, within the same paragraph.

The game. Well, yeah, what game? Chicago has no defense; Chicago has no offense. How in the hell did they get to the Super Bowl? They were plainly awful; or awfully plain.

The commercials. Usually a bright spot but not this year. What the hell kind of a year is it when Kevin Federline has the best commercial? And, what’s with this slapping shit? Is that starting a great, new, American trend? The first bastard that slaps me is going to be in a box and buried. What a bunch of stupid shit. If I remembered the company who put that one out, I would boycott them forever. It’s a Bud Light ad. Who drinks that crap anyway? It’s water with urine added for flavor, and probably appeals to the kind of manly guys who like to slap each other while wearing high heals. No need to boycott something I never drink anyway.

Why do all the announcers who sell pickups sound like the folks who are having sex with their sister?

And, finally, why did the owner, and coach, of the Colts think that God decided the game. Doesn’t God have better things to do, like, maybe, protect your troops in Iraq?

Maybe not.

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