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Mar 27

Um! Guess what’s for dinner.

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Boy, oh boy, nothing like good old Texas barbecue.

Mar 07

Britney Again, and Forever!

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Soon… she will join Anna Nicole.

Mar 07

Bob’s Advice

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Hi, Bob

I was running around in the dark a couple of nights ago and I smashed the little toe on my left foot into a table and broke it; the toe, not the table. What is your advice?


Well, Bob, you’re an idiot. Don’t run around in the dark with no shoes, or slippers. Jesus, any fool knows that.



Mar 05

Take the test!

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Are Americans Ignorant About Religion?

Does anyone care? Well, I sure don’t and I answered every question correctly.


(107% is not actually a miracle (though it could be), it is possible because the quiz starts you out at 200%. A new concept in math; why start at 100% when 200% is better? That way you can miss 50% and still come out with 100%.) Uh, ok.

If the religious zealots/crackpots, who want to make our life on earth a living hell, miss even one, they prove that they are sanctimonious, illiterate idiots.

prig... prick...

as in, stupid bastard!

"Illiterate idiots" may be redundant. I’ll pray on it and let you know if I get an answer.

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