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May 23

I quit!

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I have been a Democrat forever; well not forever, but for my voting life. I am now going to register as an Independent because the Democrats, with their cowardly handling of the war funding, have finally driven me out.

Like someone said on the news last night, they kept putting chips on the table until the pile was huge, but when the final hand was dealt, they folded.

They stand for nothing; they believe nothing; they have no backbone; they are disgraceful.

They are all quivering, puckering assholes who bent over and let Bush, Cheney, and Rove shove it in while Nancy Pelosi gasped, "I think it’s a giant step to begin the end of this war."

What’s the hell is the "giant step"? There are no restrictions; there is no "timetable"; nothing has changed. Bush can proceed to do what he has always been doing: sending troops to die in a war that can’t be won if we stay there for the next 20 years.

"Giant step", my ass! In reality, it’s "The light at the end of the tunnel." We all know how well that worked out.

At least Republicans pretend to stand for something, even if what they actually stand for is religious hypocrisy, hate, and greed.

I promise to never vote for a Democrat again.

May 17

Black Lab

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Ok. It’s new, favorite band time. This is Black Lab’s This Night which was used as the promo for The Shield – Season 6:

It’s a great song and stands on its own. Get the CD, Passion Leaves a Trace from either iTunes or amazon.com

May 05

Let’s get to the point!

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I had to pickup Jimmer from the vet yesterday. The woman at the counter said he wasn’t ready to go.

Me: "When will he be ready?"

Counter woman: "Well, first they have to blah, blah, blah, And then they have to blah, blah. After that they have to blah."

Me: "Was that an answer?"

She left the counter, went to the back, returned, and said: "5 minutes."

Some times it pays to be an asshole.

May 04

When clarity is called for!

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I just heard a woman say this in the breakroom: "It’s raining outside."

Ah, ok, as opposed to "raining inside?" Why add "outside?" Does that make the statement clearer? In case someone was wondering?

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