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Jun 22

Big Birthday Bash!

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So, for the big birthday we went to the Tower Theater (very nicely renovated, and great acoustics, by the way) where we saw Ottmar Liebert and his 4 member band.

Ottmar plays a sort of flamenco mixed with everything else style. The concert started at 8pm and lasted, with an intermission, until 10:15. It was pleasant; some of it was damn good.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time it sounded like they were playing the same tune over and over and over.* Maybe they were. He had one riff that he must have played 50 times. I have it memorized, so if I should decide to buy a guitar, I can immediately play it and drive you nuts too.

The theater was packed and folks, who were in the older age bracket, and 99% white, seemed to enjoy it.

It wasn’t rock and roll, but it was Ok. I will not be seeing/hearing him again; once was enough.

Then home. To bed. Way past my/our bedtime, you know?

*Sort of like operating on the monkey in The Fountain over and over for no apparent, or logical, reason. Maybe Ottmar Liebert and The Fountain are related in some weird, cosmic/comic fashion. Who knows; who cares?

Jun 08

The Fountain

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TheFountainThe Fountain is a visually interesting, totally boring, directionless (pun intended), movie.

Actually, there are three stories* (I am using the term stories very loosely here as a story is supposed to make a certain amount of sense) which I won’t discuss mainly because I never figured out what they were about. They are repeated multiple times and go nowhere.

The whole thing is like a bad acid trip which, come to think of it, might explain the script.

But it looks good, and the acting is fine. It will irritate the hell out of you after come out of your coma and realize that 90 minutes of your life was just wasted.

* I didn’t realize there were three stories until I read some reviews. Actually, there might be four stories because they keep, I think, performing the same operation, on the same monkey, over and over.

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