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Jul 25

Hey! I believe you…

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Makes sense to me. I always carry someone else’s cocaine around in my pants pocket.

Jul 24


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How come short is longer than long?

Jul 21

WooHoo… Another Robesky and it’s a boy!!

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It’s a boy…

Here is an early photo of the latest Fresno Robesky.* This guy will make his appearance in December.

*This guy is legit and should not be confused with the phony Robesky’s who live in the foothills above Fresno, and who stole the surname without permission, or without actually be related by blood, adoption, or anything else known to man.

Jul 16

Robesky Family Portrait . June 2007

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Robesky Family Portrait

I “borrowed” this image from nerdgirl.com. Who wouldn’t be proud to be part of this family?

Also, if you look a the photo of Roley below, you will notice a striking resemblance to Stephanie. She was his mom, after all.

Jul 15

Let’s go shopping…

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The great weakness of the West is that it has nothing with which to inspire loyalty except wealth. But what is wealth? Another washing machine, a bigger car, a nicer house to live in?…What is the West but a gigantic supermarket? And who really wants to die for a supermarket?

John Burdett, Bangkok Tattoo, 2005

Jul 09

R.I.P – Roley Robesky

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RoleyRoley Robesky, Stephanie’s wonderful Sphinx cat, and her best friend, died of heart failure on July 5th.

We met Roley in Barcelona in 2002 and he was a real sweetheart. We are sorry he died and, damnit, we will miss him.

Oddly enough, I will always remember (“always” being a relative term when you’re my age) the day he died because 50 years earlier, on July 5th, I had an atomic bomb dropped on me. Well, not exactly on me, but close enough so that I glow in the dark.

That I will remember Roley’s death date creates a problem because I don’t actually know the dates when my father, mother, and brother David died. That doesn’t seem quite right, does it? Nope sure doesn’t. What kind of asshole doesn’t remember that? My kind; that’s what!

Anyway, I went searching, and found, for the most part, the dates:

Robley M (Bob) Robesky . 14 April 1898 to June ?? 1975. I need the exact day. Can’t find it. Somewhere around the 8th. Don’t know.

Georgia R (Ginger) Robesky . 30 August 1907 to July 28 2000.

David A Robesky . 11 March 1940 to May 7 2002.

Don’t ask where they are buried. That is a mystery that can never be solved.

My conscience, such as it is, is now clear.

If a dog gaks, he looks at it, and thinks he's found another meal. If a cat gaks, he looks at it, and wonders why the dog made another mess. - Bob Robesky




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