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Aug 23

Books Every Parent Should Read

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Daddy Left

You are Different

[Click on the book cover images to view them in a larger format]

I found the cover shots for these 2 books at BullshitJob.com.

They look like a couple of books every parent with young children should read.

Unfortunately, amazon.com does not seem to carry them, though I’m quite sure they exist, and should be best sellers.

I’m hoping that they are just sold out.

When I find them, I plan to purchase the set for Graham and Valerie. Maybe I can even get them autographed. Wouldn’t that be special?

Let’s get that kid off on the right foot; whatever that means.

Aug 23

Office Space Revisited: A dream of doing nothing.

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Every so often, about once every 6 months, I have to watch Office Space again. The damn thing gets better, and funnier, and sadder, every time.

Aug 13

Here’s the plan…

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When I reach the point where there is no more point to it all, life i mean, I plan to go to the courthouse and have my breed changed to Cocker Spaniel.

Then, off to the vet to be put down.

Sign the petition allowing breed change. Available here soon!

Aug 08

Another New Baby

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1992 Chevy Silverado Pickup

[Click here or on the image to view it, and others, full size]

Everyone needs a new baby. Here’s mine.

You are seeing a 1992 Chevy Silverado with 18,305 miles on it. Don’t believe it? Well neither could I. But what the hell, we called the owner who turned out to be the original owner, and went off to the wilds to see it.

There was nothing to be skeptical about. This pickup and everything on it is like new. It has lived it’s entire life garaged, and mostly not driven. It passed the Smog test so low that you would think it was not running.

It does have the usual Chevy quirks: the low gas mileage 350 engine, and a big turning radius; both of which I can live with.

Since I bought it (how could I not? Actually, Fujie made the deal; I just stood around and drooled), last Saturday, I have added an alarm1 and new tires2. On Friday the 10th I added a spray-on bed liner3, and Monday an iPod connection4.

And, finally, the pickup had been purchased from a Dinuba dealer and lived on the outskirts5 of Reedley. About 3/4 of a mile from where Fujie grew up.

Reedley never goes away, does it? There is no escape; it’s sort of like the Hotel California. “You can check in, but you can never leave.”

1 The alarm was added because everyone who saw the pickup said it would be stolen within 2 weeks and could be broken into and started in 2 minutes or less. Graham sort of demoed the break-in procedure. I wouldn’t want that now would I? Nope!

2 I changed the tires because the originals were on the pickup and after 15 years were cracked and not a pleasant ride. The new tires have made the ride much smoother; though with a lowered vehicle how smooth can it be?

3 I am going to be hauling stuff; lumber, cabinets, beer, whatever. The original bed would be a mess in a month, so the sacrifice must be was made.

4 I was going to replace the stereo system with a new, modern one, but decided I didn’t want to modify/trash the dashboard. The FM modulator, that is part of the iPod kit, hissed when playing “normal” FM stations though it worked great for the iPod. (“Normal” FM in Fresno consists of bad rock/rap, Christian Bull Shit, and 400,000 Mexican/Hispanic/Latino stations.) Anyway, the kit is going back and being replaced by a new AM/FM CD/mp3 player with an iPod connection. I have to thank Audio Innovations here in Fresno for putting up with this, and for taking the kit back. If you need a new audio system for your car/truck/penis-enlarging Hummer, they are the place to go. Ask for Ryan. Accept no substitutes.

5 Does Reedley actually have outskirts? Or is Reedley itself an outskirt? Just what the hell is an “outskirt” anyway?


Apparently, Reedley could be an outskirt of Fresno, and Fresno could be an outskirt of L.A. or S.F, or both, or somewhere else, and they could be an outskirt of… this will never end. Also, you can get an outskirt at Target. Are we clear now?

Aug 07

There’s a tunnel at the end of the light

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I want to go on record, or is it CD, or mp3, and thank my congress, including the Bushcrats, err, Dumocrats, I mean Democrats, for potentially putting me and Fujie, and anyone else with family, or friends, overseas, on the terrorist watchlist.

Any time I contact Stephanie, who lives in (gasp) London, by email, or Skype, or in any other manner, our friends with the cables up their asses, err, in their ears, may be listening and recording and deciphering.

Me: “So, how’s your day?”

SR: “It’s cold, foggy, and rainy here in London.”

Me: “That’s too bad. It’s hot here.”

SR: “I wish it was hot here.”

This is obviously code for something far more sinister than weather. I just don’t know how to translate it. But the EARS do.

What a fucking travesty! A sham of a travesty.

I guess I won’t think it’s too funny when they haul mel off to gitmo, and torture me for communicating with someone in a foreign land. Oops, I’m sorry, we can’t use the T word anymore can we.

It has all gone to hell, and will never be the same.

As Pogo said: “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us”

Aug 07

Another Mystery Not Solved

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The BMW I bought from Kenneth has started birthing CDs. Actually, it started about a year ago when I opened the glove compartment, hereafter referred to as the “gc”,  and found a copy of Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette. A very good album, by the way.

Then, about two weeks ago, I opened the gc and sitting there was The Essential Barbra Striesand by, ah, Barbra Striesand. I don’t know if this album is good, or bad, or something else. I have no interest in listening to it.

Then, yesterday, I opened the gc again and found The Score by the Fugees. I played it for a long as I could stand which was about 20 seconds. It was beyond bad, and should be taken out, shot, and buried without ceremony. In other words, fug the Fugees.

Where the hell did these cds come from? They aren’t mine (well, they are now). And how come I didn’t find them all at once? I can hardly wait to open the gc again. What’s, or Who’s, next? Probably not.

Did you ever walk into a room and forget why you walked in? I think that's how dogs spend their lives. - Sue Murphy




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