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Nov 29

Your new word for today is…

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While watching a segment of Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night, I heard the following comment about Britney Spears in the Hustler store where it is rumored that she stole a wig on the way out. (This was after she tried on some panties [edible? Yuck! Who cares?] in front of everyone who was in the store.)

Keith Olbermann: “Maybe it wasn’t a wig, maybe it was a merkin.”

A merkin? What the hell is a merkin? With the help of Google we now know:


which then leads us to:


and finally:


So, now I/you know what a merkin is and also some other female related stuff that may come in handy next time there is a break in the 49er football action.

It has been educational; if not titillating. Oh, no, another word:


Nov 26

Ryder Grayson Robesky…

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arrived into the world on November 25th of 2007 at around 5:30pm. (Exact time, etc, later)
Ryder Grayson

He looks just like his dad did when he was born. The main difference being that Graham fought the process and Ryder didn’t.

Also, he’s a couple of weeks early which means he’s smart enough to be born before December; thus removing the possibility of combining his birthday with Christmas. Way to go kid!

Nov 15

Wide Stance

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I know this is a little late, but if you go into the stall and drop your pants in order to sit on the seat, you can not possibly have a “wide stance.”

Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Only a member of the US Senate who wanted a butt, or mouth, intrusion could have come up with that excuse. Or, I guess if he likes shitting in his pants.

“Senator, ah, what’s that smell?”

“Sawwy, can’t twk wth my mth full.”

Nov 06

Hurry! Only one year left…

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Vote Republican - Front Vote Republican - Back

A limited edition one of a kind American classic.

Order one, or more, now before they disappear forever.

Only $2500* each delivered. (Save $5000 … Buy 10 Tee’s for only $20000)

  1. Tee assembled in China to ensure average quality and huge profits.
  2. Made of 100% synthetic cotton.
  3. Any color as long as it is white.
  4. In order to properly fit the average American, only size 4XL is available. (Smaller sizes custom made for an additional $500 per Tee.)
  5. Oil, plastic, and other unknown toxics used in the making of this product.
  6. As far as our exhaustive test can determine, no animals were abused or waterboarded during the design process.
  7. Not one cent of your money will go to either political party who get all they need from large, greedy, blood sucking corporations.
  8. Please be aware that, like Congressional Democrats, the Tee does not include a spine.
  9. Allow 30 days or longer for delivery. Shipping is by USPS Media mail which can take anywhere from 10 days to years after your death.
  10. Quantities limited to however many we can sell.
  11. All Sales are final! No refunds ever for any reason
  12. The PayPal button is real.

[paybutton]VR Tee|1001|2500.00|||login=no[/paybutton]

Designed by fujie 2007 and may be modified at any time.

* Price based on the value of the dollar as of 5 November 2007 and subject to change as the dollar continues to lose ground against the peso.

Nov 01

The new guy is on his way…

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I do not regret one professional enemy I have made. Any actor who doesn't dare to make an enemy should get out of the business. - Bette Davis




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