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Jan 18

A SmartCar, soon…

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I have had this car, in this configuration, on order now for about a year.

I have no idea when it will be here, but I do know that there are no dealers in Fresno. The nearest dealer is either in Sacramento or North Hollywood.

Why are there no dealers in Fresno?

Because everyone here buys a Hummer. Which means they have a place to live when the house is foreclosed.

Another feature, which doesn’t seem to be advertised, is that if you, or (shudder) I, should manage to get killed in it, all anyone has to do is compress it, and drop it in the ground. Headstone optional.


Jan 10

The Kiss of Death…

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Kiss Of Death

An endorsement from that loser ought to seal Obama’s fate. I especially like the “throws his weight” part since Kerry is a certified “light” weight, as well as a “dim bulb”.

It would be better to throw popcorn, or rice.

Bye, bye, Obama!

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