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Jun 26

Amazing! USB Wine

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This is the most amazing device ever! Plug it into your USB port, put an empty wine bottle, or a glass, under the spout, load the software program, select the wine, turn the handle and, whoopee, it’s filled with the wine of your choice.


You even get a label to put on the bottle.


I may buy this sometime today. After all, it’s only a little more than $1565.00, plus shipping. No longer will I have to store wine, or worry about something bad happening to it. I can just bottle it when I need it. Or, better yet, fill a glass, or glasses, and drink it now.


I wonder if they only sell French wine? Hopefully, the have some “Napa’s” as well.


The only problem is that you have to turn on your computer which must have an available USB2.0 port.


Oh, yeah, unless you want to drink the wine right now, you also need some empty wine bottles.


And a printer to print the label.


And some corks.


And a corker.


I wonder if they have one for beer. Wouldn’t that be great?


Plus, it has to be good for the environment:

  No more bottles, or corks, or cans (assuming a beer model), to throw away.

  No wasting gas driving to the Wine Store.


Leave it to the French. They’re way ahead of us technologically speaking. Plus they have Paris.

Jun 25

Unsound At Any speed!

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What the hell is Obama supposed to talk like? Amos and Andy? One of those brain dead rappers?


Nader ought to get off his senile, irrelevant, ass and go out and test drive a Corvair right into a brick wall.


Right after his bullshit book came out, I drove a Corvair at “any” and all speeds from LA to SF and, damn it, it didn’t either explode or fall apart.


Nader is a figment of his own imagination.

Jun 24

More GREAT hare-brained ideas!

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Dear Senator McCain,


What a really great idea. Sorry I missed you here in Fresno, my Hummer wouldn’t start and I had to wash the cat.


Not wanting to waste any time, I finished the battery yesterday afternoon. I tested it on my Hummer and it ran at 70mph for 27hrs without a recharge. Of course, the Hummer still used 237 gallons of gas, but that’s not the batteries fault.


As soon as I receive the money, I will send you the plans. You can keep the enclosed battery as a token of my esteem. Just stick it anywhere in your car and you’ll see how great it works.


Please send the check to my home address. Or is everyone in the US supposed to send me a dollar? You do know that is going to cost them an extra 43 cents, plus an envelope, don’t you? How will I know when I get all the money? What if some don’t want to pay? How about those pesky “undocumented” workers, you know the ones who mow your lawn, cook your food, make your bed, do your laundry, dress you, wash your car, do they have to pay since they don’t count and should be deported right after they finish whatever job they’re doing right now? Does my wife, who is “documented” by the way, have to pay?


Anyway, I’m sure you have this all worked out. I can tell by the great "ideas" you’ve had in the past. Like that Savings and Loan “deal” you were involved in. But that’s the past, and the past has passed, so why even bring it up? Let bygones be.





PS: As for the “tax credits”, wouldn’t making a profit rather than losing their asses on big gas guzzling monster autos, be incentive enough?


Is the auto industry really so damn dumb that the only way they will change is with “tax credits”?


Now that I think about it, the question answers itself.


Wake me in December.

Jun 23

A “Big Advantage”

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This is from today’s Huffington Post. I don’t think anything more needs to be said.


Except… I just wonder if the “Advisor” is planning on carrying out the “Attack” himself. Maybe he could form a committee of like minded nitwits to help him out.


What fun it will be.


Jesus. Do I really have to vote for either one of these people? I think I will stay home that day.

Jun 23

Gee…what’s not to believe in?

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This is what’s making a “believer” out of me!



Ethanol. The single dumbest idea ever. It is inefficient, a waste of perfectly good corn, and only benefits the moronic bastards that came up with the idea.


Corn has no business in your car. It should only appear in movies about aliens, creepy adults and children. See Signs for an example of all three. Oh, yeah, and occasionally on your dinner plate.


I’m sure you are aware that corn is one of the few recyclable foods: as it enters, so it exits.



Listening in on innocent phone calls is good. I’ve got nothing to hide.


I’m voting for this guy, why?


He’s unlike Bush/McCain, how? Oh, yeah, he wants us out of Iraq; at least this week. Next week, who knows?


Just believe!

Jun 15

What the Duck?

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These two ducks appeared on our lawn this morning around 5:30am. They hung around for about 20 minutes and then went elsewhere.

The picture was taken through window screen which makes it appear out of focus or as an example of pointillism.


A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author. - G. K. Chesterton




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