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Jul 25

Let me get this straight…

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According to Conservative Republicans, because Obama is popular in Europe, unlike GWB, he should be suspect.


So, if you are disliked by the rest of the world, or at least Europe, you are good and can be trusted; if you are liked you are bad and some sort of traitor.


And what about McCain’s SURGE?  I would provide a definition, but McCain uses the word in the Alice in Wonderland sense that whatever he says means whatever he says it means at the time he says it.


Is that right? Are people really stupid enough to believe this crap? Probably!


There’s no hope. The brain is dead.




And,I think, maybe, the press misused the word rapture. Maybe they meant orgasm. Look it up.

Jul 08

Fond Memories

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Sometime in 1959, Fujie and I were walking in downtown Fresno. On Broadway if I remember correctly.


A woman saw us together and got so upset by the horror of it all, a “mixed race couple” you know, that she slammed her hand in her car door.


I’m sure she remembers us fondly whenever her hand pains her. I hope the bones mended Ok.


I remember it as a cosmic comic moment.

Jul 06

Kerry Knows Best!

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If Kerry says it, it must be true. After all, Kerry not only “lacks judgment”; he lacks common sense, and he was the worst Presidential candidate ever. To use an old cliche, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.


Kerry should not be talking about anyone. He should be spending his time licking labels and putting them on Heinz Ketchup bottles. You know, something he might be qualified to do.


Or, not.




Part of Kerry’s problem may be that, as Dana Carvey says: “His face is 19% longer than normal.”


He does sort of resemble a horse; both ends of a horse.


I apologize if I have offended any horses.

Jul 03

Damn IT! I was right, err correct!

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[Click here or on the image to read all about it]


I am sorry to say, I predicted this in my previous post: “Gee…what’s not to believe in? It didn’t take very long, did it?


What the hell is up with this guy? Doesn’t he stand for anything? Is everything subject to change on a whim? He’s like a live fish in a frying pan.


And, he’s giving pandering a bad name.




If you must vote, vote for McCain. Better yet, stay home that Tuesday. Whoever you vote for doesn’t give a shit about you anyway.


By the way, there are differences between Democrats and Republicans:


Democrats want you to whine when you lose your house, are laid off, lose your health care, or your job is outsourced to China.


Republicans don’t want you to whine when you lose your house, are laid off, lose your health care, or your job is outsourced to China.



Jul 01

Bush Dark or “Just Believe”

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[Click on the image, or here to read this nauseous article]


Dear Senator Obama,


You have just lost my vote and it’s only July 1st.


I was wavering after I read about your support for listening in on my phone conversations, but this pandering to the religious right’s faith based BS is just too much. I am especially offended by your support for hiring and firing based on whether or not a person “believes.” I guess this is just part of your “Just Believe” campaign which, if you are elected, will no doubt become mandatory. Very American; you should be so proud.


I hope the vote you think you will gain from these betrayals carries you on to defeat. Why didn’t you tell us your agenda during the primary? Oh, yeah, you might not be the nominee if we had known where you were headed.


You’re different all right. You do have a much better command of the language than Bush, but I think he, or Karl Rove, or Dick Cheney, or some other Doppelganger, has a hand up your back. I can almost see the strings.


It’s really disheartening watching, and listening, to you trying to move to the right of Senator McCain. I have no doubt that in the coming months you will make it.




(Former Yellow Dog Democrat)


PS. I even, to my everlasting shame, voted for John Kerry, so you can see how bad it’s gotten when I won’t vote for you.

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