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Sep 30

Watch Out! The sky is falling!

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Oh, my God, here comes a piece now!


My mistake. It’s just Nancy Pelosi landing on her surgically altered face.


Jesus! Here comes another one!


Wrong again. It’s John McCain. He landed on his back and then flip-flopped. What a guy!


Obama seems to be hovering. What’s up with that?

Sep 26

Is McCain suffering from dementia?

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One day he says he hasn’t doesn’t know anything about economics.

The next day he says he hasn’t read the 2 and a half page bailout proposal.

Yesterday he “cancels” his campaign and he’s off to DC to personally fix the economy.

Or, maybe I’m the one who’s demented because I just can’t figure out what he’s doing. I think I’ll go and reread Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. There might be a clue there.

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Sep 24

Protected: NO RELATION!

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Sep 22

Money Does Grow On Trees

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Remember when you were a kid and wanted some toy and your Dad said: “Hey, kid, money doesn’t grow on trees”?


Well, Dad was obviously not a politician because in Washington D.C. and California (and probably every other state) money does grow on trees.


Need some money to “fix” those giant poorly run corporations that should be allowed to go broke? Wait a minute and your Congress will pick some money from the money tree; no strings attached. You can still mismanage your company until the next bailout. Plus you can give yourself a few million (no one is watching) while patting yourself on the back.


When corporate America whines about tough times, they can find solace in the money tree.


Does it matter that the country is broke? Nope! Pick some money from the money tree.


Balance the budget? Cut back spending? Nope! Pick some money from the money tree.


Accountability? Nope! Why would you want that? It’s free money from the money tree and as such…



The money tree. The money tree. Let’s all get down on our knees and sing praises to the money tree. Our new Lord and our new Savior. Hallelujah!


Do not ask what your Congress can do for you. To do for you would be WELFARE!

Sep 18

Kerry Redux

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Would someone please explain to me why Obama is running a Kerry campaign. It didn’t work last time; it won’t work this time.

Kerry was the biggest wimp to ever run for president. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, defend himself against charges that were obviously false. I guess he figured his misshapen head, and weird hair would be enough to win.

And, now we have Obama running the same campaign. Can’t talk about Sarah Palin because she’s a woman which means she fragile and it wouldn’t be nice to talk about her shortcomings. Can’t talk about McCain because, well, it’s just not fair to talk about senile old people.

Why is it that Republicans know how to run campaigns and Democrats don’t?

Sep 16

John “Herbert Hoover” McCain speaks…

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"Our economy, I think still—the fundamentals of our economy are strong." John McCain . 15 Sep 2008

"The economy is fundamentally sound." Herbert Hoover . Oct 1931


Does any more need to be said? This guy is clueless.


Plant those apple trees now. We’re going to need them.


It’s forward to 1929.

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