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Mar 04

You Don’t Want To Think About This Too Much…

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Madoff’s relatives wrote the Bible.


I have been asked to explain this comment, so I will.


Think about the biggest ponzi scheme in the world: religion. You invest your “future” and, more importantly to the churches, your money based on the idea that at some point, after you are dead, you will gain your reward. Of course, if’s there’s is nothing after but death, that, I guess, is the reward you earned.


Madoff learned his lessons from the source, the “elders” who wrote the Bible. He just improved slightly, or so I guess he thought, on the ideas in the Bible and  promised the rewards now.


He should have started a church, or a cult for the greedy bastards who actually believed they would get a 30% a year return, and he would have escaped punishment.

Mar 02

Never go home again!

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Saturday we went wine tasting to a small winery about half a mile south of Sherwood Inn, Cedar View Winery.


I recommend the winery. The people are friendly and seem to know what they are about. Just don’t plan on keeping the glass that their website says is part of your $3.00 wine tasting fee:



The glass disappears the second the last tasting is done. Should you ask for the glass, you will be told: “We are running short on glasses. We don’t do that anymore.” Ah well… we have plenty of glasses. They need to change their website and remove the sign from their wine room that promises the glass with the tasting. Personally, I think it’s a stupid business decision to not give away the glass. When the bottles you bought are gone, and you want to remember the winery, there’s/was always the glass with the name and address of the winery.)


We bought 6 bottles of their wine. Lou and Marie bought 4 bottles. About $200 worth of wine. But we still didn’t get those god damn precious glasses.


Anyway, that is not the point of this story. We finished “tasting” about an hour earlier than expected, so Fujie suggested driving over and looking at the ranch where we used to live and where the kids were raised.


So, we did.


What a shithole. The house looks like it’s falling down. The chicken houses are collapsing and much of the roofs look like they have blown away. Everything is in disrepair.


The yard is filled with trash. It looks like a chaotic junkyard. White trash heaven… Maybe white trash hell. Who can say?


However, the trees we planted look great, which I really don’t understand. I sort of expected them to be dead or cut down.


Also, to make things even wierder, the Musson house and surrounding buildings, on the Southwest corner of Crawford and Jensen, are gone; like they never existed.


This was a very depressing experience which I will never repeat. Or, maybe I will. If I do, I will take my camera to document the mess.


Then we drove through Reedley by going up Buttonwillow where just before Manning Avenue some “rich” dick has built a big, ugly monster house and surrounded it with a cheesy chain-link fence with orange slats. Gag!


The houses on the corner of Buttonwillow and Manning, across from The Bear Club, have been replaced by a Rite-Aid. We turned right onto Manning and drove toward the college. It’s sort of like driving through a ghetto and makes your wonder how you ever lived in such a dumpy area and never noticed how awful it is.


We had dinner at Cattlemens Restaurant in Selma. The place is “cowboy” but the food and service is excellent. Highly recommended.


The food saved the day.

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