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May 15

Lake Trip (Day 1)

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We left London around 1:30 and drove, well actually we rode while Scott drove, and arrived in Windermere at 6:30. This was sort of like driving from LA to SF except that the scenery was more interesting and vegetation is green rather than brown or yellow.

I also learned that a GPS is a required part of travel. Unless you want to argue over a map and repeat half of the trip. Stephanie had a GPS so we followed the voice.

The best part of the trip was the 2 ice cream bars I ate on the way.

We stayed at the Hiltwaite Hotel where we had dinner and learned another rule: Don’t except a room on the first floor next to the front door and the smoking area.

We had dinner at the hotel which I thought was fine but Scott and Stephanie thought otherwise. Maybe the wine with dinner helped.

Rain is predicted for tomorrow.

May 14

LOST . Season 5 Season Ending

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In a word… Great!

This may be my favorite post ever.

I woke up the next morning and realized that I only remembered one or two things about the 2 hours. Something to do with strong English beer from The Cow that I drank an hour or so before the show started.

4 pints may have been just a bit too much.

Ah, well, I can watch it again when I get home and it will be all new.

May 14

Lost! Fuck!

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Sayid’s wife just got run down over.As part of the “master plan: i have watched Lost from the start, and this is the most shocking scene I have seen. Sometimes TV works.

May 13

London Trip (Day 3)

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Jet Lag got us last night and today. We mostly wandered around Portobello Road, ate, and slept.


I fixed Scott and Stephanie’s toilet seat. Pretty damn exciting.


Went to dinner at Al Waha, a Lebanese restaurant.



The food, the wine, and their service were excellent.


Then home where we watched Gran Torino and then to bed.


Hopefully, tomorrow is a little for exciting.

May 11

London Trip (Day 2)

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Up at 8:30. Shower then coffee at a nice little shop, Garcia’s, on Portobello street.


Took the tube to Tottanham Court Road where we had lunch at Fino’s, a fine Spanish restaurant, with Scott and Stephanie.


We then went to the British Museum and looked at a bunch of old stuff that people saved for reasons known only to themselves.


The biggest thrill was the nasty toilet that worked on the principal that wasting water, or even using water, is bad.


Then the tube to Stephanie’s for dinner, wine, tv, and bed.

May 11

London Trip (Day 1)

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We left Fresno at about 4:15pm for LA. A quick, uneventful trip.


When we arrived in LA some security guy guy let us in to an area that was only available to TSA "scanned" folks. Oops! A slight security breach maybe?


Any way after figuring out we were in the wrong area we exited and went through security.


The plane to London left on time. Well, almost. About 30 seconds before leaving the gate the pilot stopped departure and announced that a passenger was getting off the plane. We then had to wait an hour for them to get his luggage off.


The plane was only about half full, or less in economy, so we got to have separate seats and room to sleep.


Because of the departure mess, we arrived a hour late at Heathrow where it took about 1 minute to go through security. I was asked how I knew Fujie to which I replied: "We’re married!" Duh! After a couple more stupid questions we were let through.


Then we got to wait an hour for luggage. What’s up with that?


Anyway, Stephanie had a driver pick us up and deliver us to her house where we are now. Her, Scott’s, apartment is on the 4th floor so we had a nice walkup. Our "room" is on the second floor so more up and down.


This is odd… The Brits don’t allow any electrical plugs or light switches in a bathroom. But they allow steep stairs with no hand rail. I guess it’s Ok to fall down the stairs, but not Ok to get electrocuted.


We stayed up until 10pm and off to bed.

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