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Jul 27

“What makes islands float?”

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This “question” appeared in the column, Ask Marilyn, in Parade Magazine on 26 July 2009. I have to thank Monte for pointing it out to me. It makes one proud to be a Fresninian.


Actually, it’s the Styrofoam that is buried about 12 to 24 inches below the surface that allows islands to float. And don’t forget the anchors that hold them in place.

Or, something like that.

I expect this genius to announce that he is running for Mayor next term, and he will probably win. He’s also most likely a tea bagger and a birther.

Jul 22

MiFi 2200 WiFi Router

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Since I work for a company, which shall remain nameless, that won’t allow the use of Skype on my work computer, I decided to use the Netbook I purchased for our trip to London to get back online.

So… Off we went to the ATT store on Blackstone above Sierra where we had to sign in and then stand around waiting. After about 30 minutes of that crap, I asked how much longer it would be before we could talk to whoever we were supposed to talk to. The woman with the clipboard said she didn’t know; we would just have to wait.

During this period 3 people were working while other employees were standing around doing  nothing that I could see. The hell with this; we left.

Fujie suggested that we try Verizon at COSTCO. Ok, why not. It couldn’t be worse that ATT could it? Well, no it wasn’t. They wanted to sell stuff.

Verizon MiFi 2200

Anyway, they convinced me to buy a MiFi 2200 which is a 3G WiFi Router that will handle 5 connections. Which means that Fujie and I can sit in a cafe drinking coffee and surf the internet at the same time. Whoopie!.

I then purchased a Tekkeon TekCharge Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery from amazon.com. This allows the MiFi to run without charging for 8 hours or more.


The whole thing works great. I’ve tested it with my ASUS Netbook and my iTouch without any problems.

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