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Nov 17


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This year, because of the wisdom of the Obama administration, I got a $400 reduction on the taxes I paid.

I did not ask for, or want this “stimulus package”.

Now I read that since I am employed and receiving Social Security, I have to pay back $250 because the idiots in Washington DC made a slight miscalculation.

This, to me, is a metaphor about how this administration is running things. They have their heads squarely up their elitist, out of touch, asses.

Obama made a great candidate, and is, so far, a poor president. I have yet to figure out if he stands for anything. He seems incapable of making decisions.

Health Care is not going to pass, but if it does it will be a mess. We are still in Iraq. We will be in Afghanistan for the next 20 years. Many will die to accomplish absolutely nothing.

By the way, it’s not that I have to pay this back; it’s that it was a stupid fucking idea to begin with.

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