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Jan 29

Email to the DNC, or more time, and words, wasted…

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I got on the DNC website this morning and submitted the following:


I am 72 years old. I have been a Democrat all my life. I had great hopes for Obama. Those hopes no longer exist. This president and the entire Democratic party is clueless and toadies of wall street and bankers.


You folks are a disgrace to the Democrats of the past. You should change your party name to the Donothings. Your new motto should be “We take money from anyone; as long as you’re rich.”


I and my wife have reregistered as Independents. We no longer wish to be responsible for electing folks whose only interest is power and riches for themselves.


Don’t bother to contact me. Not that you would. I’m not rich and have no power other than one vote.


Bob Robesky




I wrote this quickly, too quickly. Notice the lack of punctuation. I also left out the fact that Obama has done nothing for gays in the military, other than talk. He has expanded the war in Afghanistan; a war that can never be won and will only result in more hate and death. Nothing has been done to help actual people; unless talk changes things. 


He does, however, give great parties that apparently anyone can attend if they dress well.


The part about “Don’t bother to contact me” is meant to be sarcastic. They never answered my email about John Kerry (ugh, thinking about that dork gives me chills; I should have bailed then), so why would they answer this one? Don’t worry, they won’t. But, if by some miracle someone does, I will post it.


As of 3 Feb 2010, there has been no response. I’m shocked; NOT!

Jan 28

After All These Years…

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I have been a Democrat all my life, but not anymore.


I can’t take Obama’s spineless behavior and the fact that he is a toady for wall street and the banking industry.


I can’t take the fact that our Democrat Representatives and Senators are spineless weasels and toadies for wall street and the banking industry.


Not that the Republicans are any better. They are the party of NO, of phony patriotism and of fake morality.


We should vote them all out. Not that it would hurt any of them; they’ve all become rich little piggy’s at the public trough.


The only reason they care about you or me is to get our vote. Once they have that they don’t have any idea we exist. We could fall down on the street in front of them and they would run us over and not notice the bump.


Anyway, to the point. I reregistered today as an Independent voter. Not that it will make one damn bit of difference, but at least I won’t be responsible for electing anymore of these assholes.


Fujie also reregistered. Two less votes for the Dums; err, I mean Dems.

Jan 27

The New Messiah Crashes and Burns

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Does anyone anywhere think this guy looks like a pimp? He looks like a Hollywood version of a pimp in a white rap video. Or some rightwing hetro’s version of how gays dress. No wonder the folks at Acorn thought it was a joke; it was.


Anyway, he decided to expand into Gordon Libby territory and got caught trying to bug a Senator’s phone. With a little luck, he will go to federal prison and get an ass expansion treatment which might wake up his tiny brain.


You can tell he’s a real patriot; he’s wearing red, white, and blue. What a DICK!


His Whores look pretty hot; at least the one on the right! On the right? Is that symbolic?

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