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Feb 23

I have a question…

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Would that asshole who crashed his plane into a building in Austin Texas be considered a hero by the loonies on the right if he was a Muslim?


Or would he then be condemned as a Terrorist?


Well, he’s not a hero, and he’s not a Muslim, but he is a Terrorist!

Feb 23

Damn! I should have thought of this…

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Feb 22

“like a loaf of French bread”

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[Click on the image to read the entire article]


More proof the Sarah Palin is a humorless retard. Oops! Can’t say that can I.?


She’s a humorless F-word R-word.

Feb 16

Lisbeth Salander

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For those, like me, who are rabid Lisbeth Salander fans, here’s the place to visit:




[Click on the Image to visit the site]

Feb 08

Catcher in the Rye

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When I read that J. D. Salinger had died, I decided it was time to reread Catcher in the Rye.


I should have forgotten that idea. I’m about 30 pages into it and it is awful.


Maybe it appeals to 12 years olds who live in closed rooms and have never been outside, but for the rest of us, or at least for me, it’s really dated, trite, and boring.


It was a lot more interesting back in 1955, when intentionally failing classes and wearing a “funny” hat was rebellious.


Maybe I’ll finish reading it. Probably I won’t.

Feb 05

Fresno Wins another (dubious) Award!

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Fresno has been named, by “Men’s Health Magazine”, whatever that is, as the drunkest city in the U.S.


This brings the number of “Awards” to 3:

1) Crack capital of the U.S.

2) Drunkest city in the U.S.

3) Dumbest city in the U.S.


We are so proud.


Some woman* celebrated the award last night by driving drunk on Blackstone and running over, and killing, a pedestrian. Nice. She will be the Fresno representative at the Award ceremony.


Since I want to fit in, after all I was born here, I think I might have a large number of drinks while driving. I’ll burn my books, and throw out the dictionary. If I didn’t care about my teeth, I could even try Crack.


By the way, the reason Boston is so low on the list is that they drunk walk. This usually doesn’t result in death unless they trip, fall off the curb, and get hit by a taxi.


* Never trust news sources. It was actually a man driving. He ran off and left the woman behind and The Fresno Bee, after doing a lot of fact checking, decided that the woman passed out in the passenger seat was driving. (I just made up the “passed out” part; I have no idea where she was in the vehicle, or if there was even a woman within a mile of the accident.)


So, I guess a man will except the Drunken City Award which I have heard is 18 Coors Light cans strapped together in a pyramid shape.

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