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May 30

The other side of the movie coin.

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Don’t waste your time on “Where the Wild Things Are!*”

The movie starts with an introduction to the most unlikable kid ever. A screamy, whiny, brat who, when he/Max doesn’t get his way, destroys, as one example of his assholeness, his sister’s stuff.

Finally, he gets so angry that he bites his mother,  storms off into the night and ends up with “the Wild Things.”

(I imagine that his mother spent about 30 seconds looking for his sorry ass, and then emptied his room and rented it out. He is the kind of kid that kidnapping would be punishment for the kidnappers. The kind of kid who’s a poster child for abortion.)

He tells the “Wild Things” that he has powers. They seem to believe him based on what I have no clue.

That was enough. We quit watching. I really don’t want to ever find out what happens to the little shit. This could have been a great movie; it isn’t even a poor one.

I read a review on amazon that says, in part, when the “Wild Things” realize Max has no power except to annoy they threaten to eat him. Which I guess they don’t. Probably a good thing as he would make them all sick and they would die.

* This crappy movie should not be confused with the wonderful Maurice Sendak book.

May 30

Harold and Maude

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There are some movies that you’ve seen that at the time were great. Or, at least, that’s how they’re remembered.

Time passes, like 39 years, and you find that movje is available on NetFlix streaming video.

Watch; not watch. Maybe it doesn’t hold up and you’ll hate it.

This movie is better now than then. This is a great movie. Actually, I can’t really believe how great it is.

Buy it; rent it; steal it; get it anyway you can.

An aside: Ruth Gordon ws 2 years older than my father. I don’t know what that means, but it’s interesting from a how do you remember your father aimage.

May 18

Shit My…

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“Dad Says”:




and “Kids Ruined”:





Not my Dad or my Kids, but you get the idea. [Click on the images to go to the “Shit My” sites]

May 18

Why didn’t I think of this? [Part 2]

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