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Oct 11

Apostrophe! Whats, I mean What’s, an apostrophe?

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This sign has been posted at Palm and Barstow since at least Friday. It may have been mounted earlier, but that’s when I  first saw it.

I took the picture this afternoon around 3:30pm.

Hasn’t even one teacher at Bullard noticed this?

Literacy is overrated. Or, as someone said: “Maybe they ran out of paint.”

The sign in back just adds to the humor, or is it the horror?

Just to be fair, about 100 feet further West on Barstow there is a similar sign with the appropriate apostrophe. A least one student knows how to spell.

Update: I called the school this morning and told them about the error. I will check out the sign on the way home today to see if it is “fixed”.

It’s sort of amazing that no one else noticed this sign. Thousands of people drive through that corner every day. The “City of the Dumb”.

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