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Nov 22

Fly No More!!

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For an erudite, and non-obscene article on the same topic read this article: The Real Threat to America

This is an excellent article and says the same thing in a nicer tone of voice. Thanks, Kenneth.

It’s embarrassing to discover that  I live in a country that allows a bunch of TSA perverts* to grope people who want to fly.

If Obama and the head TSA dick think this is the right thing to do, they should be groped on TV every time they fly anywhere.

Then I might believe.

No I wouldn’t!

This is just plain wrong and disgusting.

They don’t even change gloves between passengers. The shit from that guy’s shorts in front of you gets passed to you. Isn’t that nice?

It’s really going to be great when they catch a Terrorist with a tube up his ass. And they still won’t change gloves…

Oh, yeah, there is an alternative. You can pass through a full body scanner which won’t increase your chances of getting cancer at all. Bullshit! When I was a kid there was a X-Ray machine in shoe stores that allowed you to view the bones in your feet. It was great fun and all of us kids loved going to the store and seeing our green bones. It’s no longer around. It caused cancer. It was brought to you by the same people who are building full body scanners. If not the exact same people, their metaphorical cousins.

And, just wait for your photo to appear on the internet. “That won’t happen. We erase the photos immediately after viewing.” Except for those we don’t erase and which somehow show up for public viewing.

The Terrorists have won! We have lost all dignity and freedom. And we’re not one damn bit safer. If anyone thinks we are, they are delusional.

The end is near! And it ain’t the Biblical end.

Bend over Baby!

* Don’t believe they’re perverts? Well then explain to me what kind of a person takes a government job that includes feeling up people of the same sex. I don’t give a shit how much it pays, or that they have to eat, it’s fucking perverted.

Do you think any of them lick their gloves at day’s end? You know they sniff them occasionally.

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