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Jan 08

It’s all over now, err, then, err, soon, Baby Blue!

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This is certainly going to be an interesting year.


The Republicans are in power. They started their term be reading the Constitution. Well, not all; parts. They left out things they disagree with. Also, once a Congressman finished reading his/her section, he/she was free to leave the room. Why should they stay; they know it by heart. Especially the part that states you can be elsewhere and sworn in by raising your hand in front of someone’s television set.


Oh, yeah, don’t feel sorry for those who read last. They didn’t have to sit through the entire reading of the abridged Constitution. They didn’t have to bother to show up until their time.


In Arizona, “2nd Amendment Remedies” have begun (I’m afraid there will be more, the lunatics are out of the asylums), and in just 112 days the Rapture! begins.


Better get those bags packed, and remember to wear clean underwear.


I sort of wish it was Rapture Time. I think it would be great fun watching all those hateful, sanctimonious, spiteful Christians who are just positive that they are the elect, get rejected and sent to the burning pits of Hell where they become part of the eternal barbeque!


And, yes, I do feel better now. I just have to decide what to do on May 22nd when we find out this was another hoax.


Besides that, everyone knows the world really ends on December 21, 2012. The Mayans put that date in their calender. Of course, it’s sort of discouraging when you realize they could pick an End-of-World date, but not the end of their own civilization.


Maybe they were looking in the wrong direction…

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