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May 22

Shit! We’re Still Here!

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What went wrong? I can’t believe, that after all that calcing, the preacher guy was off. 2 times now. Maybe the 3rd times a charm.

Damn! That means I have to go back to work on Monday.

17 June : It has been pointed out to me that because I said I had to go back to work, I thought I would be taken up.

Unconscious thinking on my part. I don’t really want to go where there are no pets and the room is filled with a bunch of self-satisfied evanG’s bugging Jesus for a hug.

And I’m not really crazy about harp music.

May 20

The Rapture: How It Will Work

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May 17

Can You Tell The Difference?

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Ok, I know one has a tan, a tie, and thicker plastic, but other than that…

May 12

Sympathy! [A work in progress]

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I have decided to support the Republican agenda if they take it far enough.

End all taxes: no income tax; no property tax; no sales tax; no gas tax, no liquor tax. No tax on anything or anyone.

Privatize everything…

If you want a policeman, hire one. If you want roads, build them or pay to drive on them. If you want the garbage hauled, put it in the back of your car and haul it to the dump.

If you want your kids educated, hire a private teacher, or send them to a private school. End the public school system. It just costs money and teaches kids things they don’t need: like how to think.

If your house is on fire, call the private fire department. If you don’t have an accent, or a funny sounding name, and enough credit on your card, they will probably show up. If not, turn on the hose that runs from the well you drilled in the back yard.

If you feel sorry for the poor, give them a dollar or that outdated canned food. Otherwise let them starve to death and die in the streets. After a few days, weeks, or months, the smell will go away. Besides, stray dogs, cats, blackbirds, and pigeons will eat them leaving only an occasional bone or two.

If a thief breaks into your house shoot him/her with that perfectly legal AK-15 you just bought at the NRA sponsered gun show. Take the body to the dump with your garbage, or just drag it out into the street and let nature take care of the remains. If you hang him/her from the porch, the body will also serve as a warning to others who might want to rob you. Just put a fan where it will blow the smell away. Don’t worry about what the neighbors think. We’re individuals with rights. If they point their gun at you, point back. If they look like they are about to shoot at you, shoot first.

No ABORTIONS! Make women have the baby(s) even if their father, or their brother, or their first cousin, is the father. Don’t feed them; don’t cloth them. They should have kept their legs together. There is no such thing as rape. They asked for it by being born a girl.

If they kill the baby(s), or the baby(s) die of starvation, throw mom, or dad, or the boyfriend, or all 3, in prison. Since we will no longer be paying for luxurious prisons, the prisoners will have to pay for their stay by working in the fields doing whatever jobs laborers do.

And, by making prisoners work picking, or harvesting, food and whatever, the illegal alien problem will be solved because there will no longer be jobs for them and they will go home, or to Arizona.

Also, no health care and no Social Security. It’s a ripoff and only serves to prolong life. If you aren’t healthy, and you can’t afford the cost of Health Insurance, suffer in silence and die. If you haven’t saved for your old age and you can no longer afford clothes, food or rent, suffer in silence and die.

When your job goes from 40 hours to 80 hours a week for half pay, or less; smile. When your benefits and vacation are eliminated; smile. Your lucky to have that job and don’t deserve anything better. Your job is to work and make your boss, and his (no more women working; we can’t have that; they need to be a home having babies and baking cookies) company, money.

Finally, there should be no regulations on anything (except, of course, ABORTION). If some Corporation wants to build Chernobyl in your back yard it’s their choice. If there’s oil in the water, don’t go swimming. If the air is bad, wear a mask or quit breathing. Besides, Cancer is a good cure for living and helps your Doctor, assuming you have one (lucky you), afford another Mercedes.

As long as the rich, and the politicians, get theirs, life is good. Nothing else matters. Certainly not you and certainly not me.

And, remember, we’re a Christian nation. It’s in the constitution.

Sympathy? Sympathy’s for the Devil!

PS: Remember to donate to the Arizona fence that they are planning to build. I believe it’s to be built to enclose the state so that no one can enter and no one can leave. This will make us all safer. I feel better just thinking about it. A tingling feeling.

Sort of like the feeling I get when I think of that Trump/Palin 2012 ticket.

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. - G. K. Chesterton




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