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Sep 19

Thai Fusion at Shaw & West
(How To NOT run a Restaurant)

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I don’t normally review restaurants but this one is so awful I have to. I don’t really know if the food is any good because we didn’t make it that far.

Saturday night Graham and the gang came over. Thinking about dinner he recommended Thai Fusion which his company did the sign for and which had just opened. We all love Thai food so we walked over to try it.

As we walked by the window where the bar is, we noticed people sitting around and one woman sitting with her feet up and shoes off. This was a clue to the near future.

We entered and, after a short delay, were seated. We noted that the decor was awful. Sort of like you let a homeless guy paint for beer.

After 20+ minutes of waiting, Graham asked the maitre de, or whatever she is, if it would be possible to get some service. She apologized and went off somewhere to, we assume, get a waiter. About 5 minutes later some guy showed up and asked if we were ready to order. No apology; no explanation; are you ready to order? Fujie ordered; Graham ordered; I said “We have been sitting here for over 20 minutes being ignored and all I want to do is leave.” (There was, by the way, only one other customer in the restaurant; they weren’t busy; they were just plain lazy or didn’t care, or both. The waiter seemed relieved; one less thing to do which makes life, and the job, easier. He probably went off to join the woman with no shoes.)

We left! No one cared! No one said a word as we walked out the door..

I’m sort of curious and know this won’t ever be answered, but, since this is a new restaurant, why wasn’t the owner, or manager, there to make sure things were being handled properly? At least I’m assuming the owner, or manager, wasn’t there. If they were, it’s even worse than I thought. I think they need to fire everyone and start over. Or, better yet, admit defeat and close now.

The food might be great. I will never know. You couldn’t pay me to go back. There is another Thai Fusion in Clovis. I won’t go there either.

We walked down to the corner and had an excellent meal at Zapangu which made it all worth being ignored. A bottle of Nigari Sake later I didn’t care. Until now, that is.

I emailed an earlier version of this “review” to the restaurant yesterday. So far no response. Actually I’ll be amazed if I hear anything. I think they’ve got not caring down to an art form.

Sep 09

Oh, shit, It’s happened…

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Fujie and I are sitting here watching Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration; in other words his 30th birthday (which was, for some reason that I can’t remember, much unlike mine) and, we are fucking amazed. He was, he is, incredible. We have now become MJ fans. Unofficial at this point.

You really have to watch this when you find it. Not available on DVD for some reason.

Still have doubts. Well… I don’t recommend much. You won’t be sorry.

Sep 02

Wimp Index: a public rant!

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Obama has broken the wimp index.*

1) Let the smog survive. Breathing is overrated. Suck it up; err.. I mean don’t!

2) I demand to speak Thursday. Well, no I don’t; anytime you think it’s ok I’ll speak. If you don’t, I won’t.

Would this president (lower case intentional) please, please resign. Give the country a chance to survive. With him in “charge”, we are going down the tubes.

God, if there is one, help us all! Otherwise, we are fucked.

Maybe the birthers are right. Maybe he was born in Kenya. He sure as hell doesn’t care about the future of this country.

* I promised to keep my Obama rants private. Why should I? Obama promised change. We didn’t get any change unless you think being a lackey is change. The slave masters have to love this servant.

** The Repubicans aren’t any better. They don’t care about you, they don’t care about me, they care about corporations and the rich. Their candidates are all either nuts or brain dead or both.

It's so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don't say it. - Sam Levenson




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