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Dec 16

He didn’t blink…

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no, he didn’t. He just closed his eyes and turned the other way.

Disagree with anything and you are now a terrorist and will be locked up forever with no recourse.

A filthy pipeline across America spewing death to us all.

All new laws about to be signed by Obama.

We made a mistake when we voted for President Spineless.

Whatever he says he will do you can count on him doing the opposite. There has never, in my lifetime, been a worse president.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he’s not spineless. Maybe this has been where he wants us to go all along.

Maybe it’s payback time for wrongs we don’t know about!

Free speech is a goodbye!

Well, what about the 1st Amendment? That’s only for our betters; you know, those rich bastards in Congress and the folks who bought and paid for them.

So, shut the fuck up! You have NO right to speak your mind. You have no right to have a mind. It may be in the Constitution but that’s old and moldy and just a piece of paper anyway.

There's never a new fashion but it's old. - Geoffrey Chaucer




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