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Jun 14

No Posts Lately…

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And why is that?

Because what can you say about a President who has broken every single campaign promise he made. Who was going to end war and has put us in more wars? Who was going to decriminalize pot but has sent his fascist army against pot growers. Who promised health care but gave more power and money to the health insurance industry while doing nothing for the average person except raise the cost of health care. Who was going to solve immigration by making it easier to become a citizen but has instead deported more people than any previous President. Who has done absolutely nothing about the economy except to make the rich richer. Who was going to support gays rights but, until this year, and the need to make money for the campaign, has not. And next year, after the election, he will revert.*

*If you are gay and believe Obama supports you, you are in for a great, and nasty, awakening in 2013.

And then there’s Romney. The Republicans ought to be outraged that this twit with 12 houses and 12 wives* and 4 sons, not one serving his country by the way, may be our next President. He makes the potted plant in my back yard look intelligent. He can’t even remember what he said yesterday: “We need less fire fighters, teachers…”. Today: “What are you talking about? I never said any such thing.” But we’ve got the video dummy!

* I’m assuming 12 wives because why else would you need 12 homes. The fact that all the wives look alike should come as no surprise. Those Mormons have large families so 12 sisters is not impossible. Does this sound a bit like TeaBagger nonsense? Hmm, sorry, it must be catching.

Ah, well, we get what we deserve, don’t we? I wish I could say I now feel better, but I don’t. One of these p****s is going to be our next President. As mom used to say: “Heaven help us!”

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. - G. K. Chesterton




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