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Apr 21

Stand with Boston!

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I think I should wear it to work this week…but probably not.

And, we have the Texas bombings, err, accidental fertilizer factory blowup. A perfect example of not regulating businesses. No checks on that bomb, sorry, fertilizer, factory since 1985. Little accidents are just the cost of doing business in a free state.

Texas! How America should be run. NOT!

Apr 10

Obuma, et al, flushed us down the drain…

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Cuts to Social Security. Cuts to Medicare. What the fuck! We’re old and should just die. Look how much that would save the bastards in DC. Even though we have paid for this our entire working life; it’s an “entitlement” what ever the hell that is. Oh, yeah, something for nothing and NO chicks for free.

Of course, no cuts for the rich. No cuts to corporations. More tax breaks. More off shore accounts. More jobs in China.

Give them more.

Give us less.

I’m sure glad I didn’t vote for him this time. Is there anything he has ever told the truth about?

“I’m all for immigration reform.” That’s why I deported more people than anyone ever.

“I’m for equality for gays.” As long as they stay in San Francisco and don’t attempt to cross the bridge.

“I’m all for are Vets who need care.” That’s why I let them wait for months, maybe years, for help. And, if they’re immigrants, I deport them for their service to our country.

“I want to do something about the rich.” Yeah, right, like become one.

“Guns? Why, we’re working on it. Just watch our moves.” Where there’s smoke; there’s mirrors.

Maybe I should have voted for Romney. Not that it would have been an improvement. Or, maybe it would have been. Maybe he would have done us all a favor and outsourced Congress to China just like he did with the jobs in every other company he was involved with.

Also, though a bit off topic, could someone please explain to me why anytime one of those congressional peabrains holds a conference there are 8 to 10 butt boys standing behind him? Aren’t any of them man enough to stand alone? Oh, yeah, sorry, I get it; it’s called support. Weird. I thought, from reading their campaign literature, that they are all independent thinkers and not part of a herd. So much for that fantasy. Maybe they just like sniffing butt.

Anyway, back on topic… Here’s the solution that should satisfy this “Christian” nation that lives by the words of Jesus. NOT! You know, like you should be forced to have that child, but, if you can’t afford to feed, or clothe, or house, him/her, let the little heathen die. After all, only the unborn are sacred.

When I, or you, lose our job, or run out of money, or get a terminal illness, or are living on the street, we should be required to go to the local “Big Sleep” Center where we give the uncaring zombies in charge our last remaining change, or Medicare Card, for which they give us a pill and a folding chair we can use for the 10 or 15 minutes it takes for us to reach the other side. After we’re verified dead by sticking a fork in our right eye, they can put us in a furnace and melt us down. We can then be put to use in roads, bridges, parking lots, or cat sand. This should satisfy the rich who find us all a nuisance when we’re not making them richer, and the teagaggers who think…ah, I don’t think they are actually capable of thought, and I have lost my train of thought thinking about them attempting thought so I will let that part slide.

Isn’t this great? No more bums like us milking the system for Social Security. Ok, I know, we paid into it, but that doesn’t mean we actually deserve anything from it. We’re leeches on the state. And Medicare? That might pay for the “Big Sleep” pill if we’re lucky.

Simple! Clean! Effective! Thanks Obama. You’ve made my day! I think I’ll go talk to my chair for a while.

Crap! Just realized that there is a problem with this scenario. Who’s going to pay for “Big Sleep” Centers? Not the government! That would be welfare again! Privatized? Maybe money could be made on our bones. Yeah! That’s it! They just have to reduce the temperature a bit.

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