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Jun 07

The best bumper sticker ever…

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“I’ll hug your elephant, if you’ll kiss my ass.”

We saw this today on a pickup while driving around Fresno. It doesn’t get any funnier.

Jun 06

A Study in Scarlet

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Though this is the 1st Sherlock Holmes novel, you will NEVER see a movie of this story. The title, yes; the story, no.

I will not say why, but once you start the 2nd half you will know. Being a cynical bastard, I think he has written the truth.

The interesting part to me is how did the author, Arthur Conan Doyle, come by this knowledge. After all, he was English.

I am reading his, Doyle’s, biography next. Maybe there is a clue there.

Jun 03

An RV Weekend

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Time: Noon

Got off from work and am home by 12:30. Fujie has been getting ready for our trip to Bass Lake by loading food and beverage (wine and some water) and whatever else we might need to survive a weekend in the wilderness next to Ducey’s Lodge.

Time: 2:30pm

We load the kids (Tivo, Bentley and Tinsley) and head out.

Down the road to Barstow, made a right and turned left at Fruit, right onto Bullard. At Blackstone Fujie can hear, but can’t find, Tinsley. We drive a little further towards 41 but still can’t find Tinsley. Where the hell is she? Nowhere that we, err Fujie, can see. Did she fall down the hole in the end of the slider? Or something worse? Better go home.

Ok. Back home. Again, where the hell is she? She’s no longer making any noise. I check the space at the end of the slider. No Tinsley. I check the sleeping bag. No Tinsley. How in hell could she possibly get out of the RV? Fujie rechecks the sleeping bag. Unzips it and there she is, at the bottom of the bag, panting away. After all it’s a 100 degrees today and even hotter in the sleeping bag. Not a good place for Tinsley, or, probably, anyone else.

Time: 4:00pm

Too late to go now, have to hydrate the kitty. So, that ends today’s adventure. Tomorrow morning we will get up early and head out by 7am. That’s the new plan!


Time: 5:30am

Fujie gets up and I get up about 30 minutes later and take a shower. Just as I finish Fujie comes rushing in to tell me we have a big problem. She had just started to fill the fresh water tank and water is leaking all over the inside of the RV.

(I had replaced the plastic drain shutoff a few weeks earlier because the sun had killed the plastic and it wouldn’t open. When I went to put it back together, I found an elbow that was supposed to be attached to the water tank had fallen out. How? I have no clue but I don’t think it was ever installed properly. At any rate, I threaded it back in and figured that had solved the problem. Wrong!)

It seems that my original fix wasn’t. There is, obviously, something else wrong. So I took the sofa/bed that covers the water tank apart (I hadn’t done that when I replaced the shutoff). Doing this exposed a cracked “T”. Great! So it’s off to Dan Gamel RV for some new parts which, luckily, we found. We put the tubing and connections back together and checked for anymore leaks. There were none.

The sofa/bed is still apart and there is a large amount of water soaking the carpet. We use a bunch of towels to soak up as much water as possible. But…

We can’t go anywhere until all is dry and back together. Which means we aren’t going anywhere this weekend.


One good thing about Fresno. It’s hot. Everything is nice and dry this morning. We put the sofa/bed back together and drove the RV to it’s covered garage at the shop.

This was so much fun, I can hardly wait for next weekend when we plan to try again.

We have learned at least one thing from this event. If you are not mechanically inclined, and/or you don’t have any tools, don’t buy a used RV no matter how great it looks or how low the mileage.

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