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Jul 22

Rescue Me

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Rescue Me is a new television series about New York firefighters post 911. It stars Dennis Leary as Tommy Gavin and a cast of unknowns; or at least unknown to me. It is much like The Shield in that it is gutty, new, and edgy. The network, FX, carries both programs.

These guys are real, or at least as real as it’s ever going to get on television. When they go to fight a fire in a 4 story walkup, and we see them climbing the narrow stairs to get to the fire, claustraphobic is the word that comes to mind.

There is black humor. When the fire in an apartment is over, the guys are outside resting and they look up to see what appears to be a little girl at one of the windows in the apartment that was burning. They freak, she jumps out the window and they rush over only to find a doll on the ground. Tommy has played a little joke on them.

One firefighter, whose name I didn’t catch, has just been examined for colon cancer. He has created a list of 10 people he is going to kill if he has cancer. Liza Minelli is at the top of the list. I don’t know who the other nine are but I figure we could all fill in the blanks.

There are ghosts in the program and Tommy sees, and talks, to them all. Fortunately, this isn’t a sappy gimmick.

This program is sometimes painfully hard to watch. But you should watch it. It’s the best thing on television right now.

Wednesday at 7pm PST. Many repeats during the week. So, if you missed it last night, you can probably see it tonight.

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