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Sep 07


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I’m thinking of starting a KickStarter campaign to get Obama a spine. Here’s how it may read:

Get a Spine for President Obama

Obama lacks a spine. He can’t make a decision on anything. It’s not about which side, it’s about decisions. I don’t care what side he takes on an issue, it would just be great if he could manage to take a side.

I have checked and it seems that it costs about $20,000 per vertebra and there are 33 vertebra in the normal spine. Since we are not actually dealing with normal in this case, the amount needed could be much, much more.

If the goal is met, and Obama refuses to get a spine, your donation will not be refunded but will be passed onto the Wounded Warrior project. I will NOT keep one cent!

2 Responses to “KickStarter”

  1. Monte L. Justesen Says:

    I pledge $20.00.

    He must start on the left and end up on the right. Just like the English language.


  2. yer brother Says:

    I’m in for $5.

    “He may be a spineless President, but he’s our spineless President”

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