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2008 SmartCar Passion

This SmartCar, without Snoopy the Devon Rex, was purchased from
San Jose, now Stevens Creek,
now closed, SmartCar on 25 April 2008
Simple Statistics:
Last Fillup: 22 March 2019
Total Miles Driven: 41763
Total Stops Made for Gas: 161
Total Gallons Consumed: 1273.3712
Total Cost of Gas: $4448.29
Average Distance Between Fills: 259.398 miles
Maximum Distance Between Fills: 376 miles
Average Miles per Gallon: 32.818 miles
Maximum Miles per Gallon: 38.027 miles
Maximum Cost per Gallon: $4.779
Average Cost per Gallon: $3.532
Maximum Cost per Fill: $39.87
Average Cost per Fill: $27.63
Total Cost of Maintenance & Repairs: $1672.78
09 January 2018 Includes 2 gallons purchased a couple of month ago.

06 February 2016 Cheapest gas in years!

18 July 2014 The 1st fill up since I was laid off.

01 March 2014 Windshield wipers

10 February 2014 The machine would not print a receipt so this purchase may be a bit off.

16 September 2013 Replaced front brakes

09 September 2013 4 tires

26 July 2013 Yearly maintenance which as far as I can tell was an oil change and a system reset.

12 February 2013 Just to make things complete I got a ticket today for going 64 in a 50 mph zone. Whoopie! I usually drive to work at 6am. Today I was at 8am. My radar detector caught the signal but it was too late. I can hardly wait for the bill. Then again, I can wait.

08 October 2012 A refinery fire in Richmond. A power outage in Southern CA. A pipeline problem between LA and SF. Unplanned accidents. You bet. The oil companies would never intentionally come up with "accidents" in order to raise prices. Surely not! They can be trusted to have our best interests at heart. Assholes!

24 February 2012 Isn't it nice that the oil companies are making more from this pretend crises? Wouldn't want them to lower profits or miss their bonuses, would we? I was told yesterday that they only make 7% profit. The thing left out of this statement was all the write offs they get before profit is considered. The poor, poor bastards. I think I'm going to cry over the plight of oil companies. NOT!

10 February 2012 We went to Los Banos to look at an RV. That's the reason the mileage is so much better. Longer trips; better mileage. Which means what? Why, pretty much nothing.

13 July 2011 Down to zero on the gas gauge. Check the photo on or on the "gastracker" slide show.

15 June 2011 Drove from Fresno to Santa Clara for service. Then to Mountain View and back to Los Banos where car was filled and on to Fresno. Not much traffic and drove about 80mph. If not you get run over. Saw a cop coming up behind us with his lights flashing. Shit! Then he passed us and disappeared.

14 June 2011 Yearly maintenance. Also replaced a brake light. Cigar lighter not working so a part was ordered and we have to fix the problem. SmartCar dealerships are reverting to Mercades-Benz at the end of June. UPDATE: There is nothing wrong with the Cigar lighter. I forgot to remove the cover from my iPhone which meant that contact was not possible.

04 April 2011 On this day, Obama announced that he is running for reelection. Which means that he has finally made his first decision since being elected. Nothing to do with gas you say? It's all gas!

18 March 2011 $4.00. Here we go... Up, Up, Up, and Away!

12 February 2011 Stephanie put gas in my car without permission which potentially screws up this whole history. Or not. Never mind... Combined it with the next fill up so that results seem to be correct.

15 July 2010 Normally I get off on Herndon, but it was closed for "repairs". I had to drive to the Friant off ramp, which is a mile further on, and then go back down. Nice! Also, I was down to .4 gallon. Pushing it a bit.

18 June 2010 Down to .6 gallon before fillup.

02 February 2010 Almost 37mpg which is the best mileage so far. Does this have something to do with the 2 year maintenance? We shall see.

22 January 2010 2 year Maintenance. Replaced battery. Updated transmission.

22 January 2010 Roller Blind which is a cover for the back trunk space. This is included in the maintenance total even though it is an accessory.

29 May 2009 Graham put 150 miles on the car while we were in London. Does this account for the crappy mileage?

04 April 2009 Changed oil and oil filter. Not much room under there. Managed to bash my little finger on the concrete when removing the oil filter which means I swore a bit.

14 January 2009 The price of gas is rising. How nice!

10 November 2008 Under $20 to fill up. It's almost free! A little better mileage (36.078mpg) than last time and a little over a dollar, $2.54, less a gallon.

17 October 2008 Best city driving mileage so far (35.6mpg) and the lowest, if you can call $3.59 low, price per gallon...Ah, just figured it out. The air conditioning was off. 3mpg difference. That doesn't seem good considering I only had the a.c. on in the afternoons.

13 September 2008 This mileage (36.3mpg) is based on a trip from Fresno to Mountain View and back. So, of course, it is better than usual even though I drove 80-85 much of the time. Which is another weird thing; why the hell are people allowed to drive that fast? There sure as hell weren't any cops around. Donut time maybe?

04 June 2008 Overfilled tank. MPG (30.6) not so good this time.

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